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Each student is to compose ONE blog post on the Cap Stones course blog in which they pitch THREE possible semester-long topic ideas from these four potential topic areas:

* one that re-envisions in significant ways a previous COM or COM-adjacent class project
* one that looks toward your possible future career and/or graduate educational journey that will showcase skills and approaches necessary for a job or graduate school admissions
* one that engages your personal/creative life in some way
* one that is just so out there that you could never imagine that it would be approved in any possible way but who cares you’re only in school for a few more months and this would just be so much fun I want to propose it anyway so I’m gonna go for it and see what happens

Each individual pitch must adhere to the following guidelines:

* no more than 250 words
* explains the project, why you’d be interested in completing it, and how it would challenge you in new ways
mentions which hardware and/or software you’d need to complete it
* quantifies the scope — that is, how many podcast episodes for how many minutes, how many photos, length of videos, etc.
* embeds or links to an example that is similar to the kind of thing you are thinking about

For your blog post:

* Choose a meaningful title
* Check the Pitches s23 category
* Add some related tags

Remember, you must have prior experience with the technologies and genres associated with your chosen project.

Due: 1/23 by the start of class

Michael Perino – Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Fitness Social Media App UI/UX I propose designing a social media platform for fitness enthusiasts, similar to Instagram. The platform would enable users to create their own personal profiles, track their progress, and share their routines, diet, PR,… Continue Reading →

Anna Dorneman- Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: one that engages your personal/creative life in some way A rebranding of my travel/lifestyle Instagram account   As someone who has been fortunate enough to travel to many different places, I find that my personal and creative life… Continue Reading →

Julia Stokes Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Photo Essay comparing the infrastructure and facilities of Overbrook High School and Lower Merion High School As a political science minor, I have written a few essays about the issue of school inequality, and why it is so… Continue Reading →

Tiffany Marciano – Senior Capstone Pitches

Create and Record a Podcast Series Produce a podcast where I review books I read and discuss them in depth. I love to both read and write and I deeply enjoy discussing the stories I consume. A podcast where I… Continue Reading →

Natalia Pereira – Senior Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Re-envisioning of Former COM Class Project:  Cause-Based Instagram Account Revamp and re-brand the “SJUspeaks” Instagram/Campaign that I created in Visual Design, making it more well-known, collaborative & inclusive.  The purpose of SJUspeaks was to create an Instagram account… Continue Reading →

Senior Capstone Pitches

Updating SJU’s COM Department’s Promotional Materials Create a booklet or pamphlet highlighting the key features, courses offered, full-time department professors, and other important details of SJU’s COM Department. In addition a promotional video will be made discussing the value of… Continue Reading →

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