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Tiffany Marciano – Inclusive Design

Inclusive Design When embarking on any design project, it’s extremely important to factor in inclusive design and accessibility. In regards to my capstone project, where I will be creating a design book of the brand of my future bakery and… Continue Reading →

Madison Mancino – Third Consideration Post

When designing, it is essential to be inclusive of all types of people. A way to be inclusive of different kinds of people is by creating designs that are accessible to all differently-abled people. While it can be time-consuming, it… Continue Reading →

Julianna Kissinger: Consideration Post #3

Consideration Post #3 Considering Inclusive Design & Accessibility 1. What is a primary point of exclusion in your project? One of the primary deliverables of my project will be a visual and audio heavy video. Unfortunately, videos aren’t the most… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Third Consideration Post

Inclusive design is incredibly important and something that is easily looked over by many. However, designing for inclusivity not only benefits those with certain disabilities, but oftentimes can benefit many other people. For example, if someone were to design something… Continue Reading →

Julia Stokes Consideration Post #3

  “People ignore design that ignores people” – Frank Chimero Accessible design is finally getting the attention it deserves. More and more companies and designers have been implementing inclusive design practices into the core of their work, allowing for a… Continue Reading →

Accessibility in Design: Consideration Post #3 Dorneman

“Accessible design is good design”- Steve Ballmer Accessibility in design is very important and thankfully has been getting more attention lately. There are still many changes that need to be made, but recognizing that issues in accessible design are common… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 1

Technology: Adobe Premiere Pro    I have chosen to speak about Adobe Premiere Pro. The one I have is updated to the most recent version so 2023, but it does have updates sometimes. There is other editing software that other… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Wengler: Project Consideration Post 2

Intention and hopes for my project My intention for this project is to educate and inspire. Educate students in all majors to consider gaining professional experience before graduating and let me learn and understand the benefits and purpose of doing… Continue Reading →

Project Consideration Post #2 Caitlin Reistle

My project intends to ultimately uplift the voices of student-athletes struggling with mental health-related issues while raising awareness for an underrepresented issue in the media. The intersection of mental health in students, and mental health in athletes is a dangerous… Continue Reading →

Lily McStravick – Second Consideration Post

Intention and Impact Through my project, I hope to use different photography techniques to create images that people feel a connection to. Whether it be a sense of hope, peace, passion, etc. I hope that these images are memorable in… Continue Reading →

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