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Dana Pezzuti Third Consideration Post

Inclusive Design & Accessibility For my final magazine, I plan to make it as inclusive as I can by following the inclusive design principles, and finding places in my project where I can incorporate them as much as possible. Points… Continue Reading →

Dana Pezzuti Second Consideration Post

Intention The intention of my project is to bring awareness to mental health from a positive perspective, providing helpful tips and techniques, sharing personal experiences, and creating a safe space for the reader, allowing them to learn more about what… Continue Reading →

Dana Pezzuti First Consideration Post

Technology & Materials One of the main types of technology for my project is a DSLR camera which I will be using to take my own photos in the studio as a big part of my magazine design. The model… Continue Reading →

Dana Pezzuti Capstone Proposal

A Magazine for Positive Living My Overall Theme For my senior communications capstone, I decided on creating a project touching on the topic of mental health, but approaching it from a more positive aspect. Mental health has become a more… Continue Reading →

Dana Pezzuti Capstone Pitches

Designing a Magazine Editorial Creating a magazine editorial with my original photos and design content. This is a project I can see myself really enjoying, as it will give me the opportunity to put my graphic design and photography skills… Continue Reading →

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