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For this Consideration post, I’d like you to choose ONE or TWO technologies or materials that are central to your project (only move to the second if the first doesn’t get you to the min 450 word count). Do not choose “laptop” or “phone” or any other device that contains multiple software applications. Instead, choose the particular software application(s) you’ll be using that are on the laptop/phone/etc.
Link to and include images and/or other media about your chosen technology and/or material.

If you have two, discuss the technologies one after the other; don’t discuss them at the same time as that will be confusing to read. Remember to ensure the layout is pleasing. If you paste in content from another document, be sure to select the icon in the toolbar that enables unformatted pasting. Be sure to follow the Blog Post Checklist.

What is the technology/material you have chosen to discuss? If applicable, include the brand, model, version, etc. Different models and brands afford and constrain in different ways, and professionals in the field know why they use what they use. (If you have doubts, ask Dr. Hammer to discuss microphones….) Why are you using this brand/model/version?

What features of the technology/material do you need to master in order to create a professional-level project? List at least 3 and how and when you intend to master them prior to starting your project.

How is this technology/material social? Try to identify 3 ways. What design features enable each example of sociability? How has the technology/material changed and/or enhanced human behavior?

How does the technology/material reflect cultural values? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

How will the technology/material afford your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

How will the technology/material constrain your actions when you’re using it for your project? Try to identify 3 ways and elaborate on each.

Choose the First Post s24 category.

*Required Elements*
Each pitch post must contain each of the following elements of effective blogging (modeled on the exceptional posts over at A List Apart and The Marginalian):

* a meaningful title
* clear and concise lead (that is, first sentence or two or quote) with larger font than the rest of the body text or bolded font
* appropriate placement of headings and subheadings
* appropriate use of concise and well-written sentences that make up concise paragraphs
* appropriate use of bolded text to highlight key ideas
* appropriate use of links
* appropriate use of block quotes for any extended quotations
* appropriate use of any author names
* appropriate Categories and Tags
–> choose the category Pitches 2024
* accessibility features, such as ALT text, title, and captions

Blog posts are designs that communicate important information. They should not appear as uninterrupted single-paragraph text. Take care with them. Check your grammar and spelling. Place links and multimedia wisely.

Due by Friday, 2/16 by 11:00pm.


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