Technologies and Materials


I will be using Adobe Audition, version 24.0. I chose this because I’ve had the most experience with this type of software over the past few years. This will be used in my project to record myself reading the blogs. One feature that I need to master within Audition is finding the right level of audio so that it’s not too loud nor too quiet for my audience. Once I find that level it will be much easier for the remaining blogs. I just have to find that level that sounds just right. Another feature would certainly be the import/export. I’m going to have to master the way I take that recording and export it onto my website. Finally, I feel that it’s important that I’m good at editing. Although the recording should be straight through in one shot you never know when I’m going to have to edit something so being somewhat familiar with that will be important.


Adobe in general is very social because it allows us to share our work very easily. Being able to export this to social media platforms along directly to my website is going to be beneficial for my project. Just the overall product that Adobe Audition is producing is going to be social. You have to think about it it’s providing a way other than reading for them to listen to my blog post. The software is giving us a platform to record and we can share that with people all over the world.

Cultural Values

I would say that one way this technology is going to help reflect cultural values is that it’s allowing me to give my audience another way to read my blog with an audio version. There are many people out there who may not be able to read my blog post so giving them another way by listening to me read it to them makes it more accessible for everyone. Also, I’m putting my voice out there which is something that I would say in the past has made me somewhat uncomfortable. But doing this will allow me to grow and prepare myself because I’m planning on entering a culture or field where I’m going to need to have my voice out there.


I would say that the audition will afford my actions because it will help me strengthen my skills in editing. I’ve had experience in the past with classes but just getting another opportunity to create projects will help me master Adobe Audition. Adobe Audition gives me a space to edit and record my audio so that certainly would be an affordance. It also contains many different features that I’m going to be able to use to get the best possible sound in my recordings.


The only possible constraint that comes to mind would be potentially having to use a part of the software that I’ve never touched over the past few years. With Audition, there are a ton of features to help perfect your projects and this is probably one of the first times I’m strictly only recording audio. It wouldn’t shock me if I ran into a problem in regards to that but I’ve found out that Google questions in regards to Adobe usually help solve that problem. It’s been I would say close to a year since I’ve used this software so I should be a little rusty when I first start using it.