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Tyler Goodwin 3rd Consideration Post

Points of exclusion My primary deliverable is going to be a blog post that people will be able to read, The exclusion that comes with that is for anyone that has trouble reading or someone that can’t read at all…. Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin Second Consideration Post

Intention The overall intent behind my project is to express my love for Philadelphia sports teams and for people to be able to engage with them. I want people to come and read my sports blog as a source of… Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin First Consideration Post

Technologies and Materials Features I will be using Adobe Audition, version 24.0. I chose this because I’ve had the most experience with this type of software over the past few years. This will be used in my project to record… Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin Capstone Proposal

Topic:  The topic of my project is going to be centered around Philadelphia sports. The context will be primary and news that comes up during the period of this project. Now the Flyers and Sixers are approaching the trade deadline… Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin’s Capstone Pitches

Project 1: The Playoff Push Podcast I want to do a 6 episode podcast roughly dropping a 30-45 minute episode every other week.  Out of the six episodes I want to aim to have a guest speaker on three of… Continue Reading →

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