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Each student is to compose ONE blog post on the Cap Stones course blog in which they pitch THREE possible semester-long topic ideas from these four potential topic areas:

* one that re-envisions in significant ways a previous COM or COM-adjacent class project
* one that looks toward your possible future career and/or graduate educational journey that will showcase skills and approaches necessary for a job or graduate school admissions
* one that engages your personal/creative life in some way
* one that is just so out there that you could never imagine that it would be approved in any possible way but who cares you’re only in school for a few more months and this would just be so much fun I want to propose it anyway so I’m gonna go for it and see what happens

Each individual pitch must adhere to the following guidelines:

* no more than 250 words
* explains the project, why you’d be interested in completing it, and how it would challenge you in new ways
mentions which hardware and/or software you’d need to complete it
* quantifies the scope — that is, how many podcast episodes for how many minutes, how many photos, length of videos, etc.
* embeds or links to an example that is similar to the kind of thing you are thinking about

Required Elements
Each pitch post must contain each of the following elements of effective blogging (modeled on the exceptional posts over at A List Apart and The Marginalian):

* a meaningful title
* clear and concise lead (that is, first sentence or two or quote) with larger font than the rest of the body text or bolded font
* appropriate placement of headings and subheadings
* appropriate use of concise and well-written sentences that make up concise paragraphs
* appropriate use of bolded text to highlight key ideas
* appropriate use of links
* appropriate use of block quotes for any extended quotations
* appropriate use of any author names
* appropriate Categories and Tags
–> choose the category Pitches 2024
* accessibility features, such as ALT text, title, and captions

Blog posts are designs that communicate important information. They should not appear as uninterrupted single-paragraph text. Take care with them. Check your grammar and spelling. Place links and multimedia wisely.

Remember, you must have prior experience with the technologies and genres associated with your chosen project.

Due: 1/22 by the start of class

Colby Evans Capstone Pitches

Pitch Idea #1- Philadelphia Design and Fashion Magazine:  Overview: For my first Senior Capstone project idea, I would launch a design and fashion magazine in Philadelphia, showcasing the cities up and coming artists and visionaries. The magazine would act as… Continue Reading →

Ava Wilson Capstone Pitches

ADHD Information, Experience & Awareness Podcast This project would consist of a podcast series that would highlight research, interviews, stories and tips for people who experience ADHD, people who have a loved one they wish to understand better, and people… Continue Reading →

Katherine Clarke’s Capstone Pitches

Capstone Project Pitch Ideas Rebrand “Healthy Lifestyle” Instagram Account In my visual design class with Aimee Knight we created and managed a social media platform centering on user retention and engagement.  My account was called healthy lifestyle and my target… Continue Reading →

Amanda Markert Capstone Pitch

Pitch #1 — No Fly Zone Podcast Branding/Rebranding The main project that I wish to complete in this class is creating a full social media presence for my friend’s podcast series, No Fly Zone. He and his friends created this… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1: Ardmore Thrift Store Campaign As a regular customer of various thrift stores in Ardmore, I would like to create a sustainable shopping campaign for one store to advertise their products and mission. I can focus on either Pennywise… Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin’s Capstone Pitches

Project 1: The Playoff Push Podcast I want to do a 6 episode podcast roughly dropping a 30-45 minute episode every other week.  Out of the six episodes I want to aim to have a guest speaker on three of… Continue Reading →

Domenic’s Capstone Pitches

First pitch- Plans My first idea for my course long capstone project is a series of 6 podcast. These podcasts will be record filmed and done in a professional manner using cameras mics and a nice set up that looks… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan’s Capstone Pitches

Capstone Project Pitches Djerf Avenue Brick and Mortar I would like to create a brick and mortar store and plan an opening event for Matilda Djerf’s brand Djerf Avenue. This is a clothing brand that I have been following for… Continue Reading →

Chris Shuman capstone pitches

Pitch #1: short video psa In my civic media class I took last semester, we were shown various animated psas that touched on large social issues while using strong narration, impactful visuals, as well as visually guiding animations/ drawings to… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1 Podcast for @Themindofbrigid My first idea for my capstone is creating a podcast based of my instagram @theminofbrigid that i created in COM 203 with Steven Hammer. I am constantly interested in growing my account and creating content… Continue Reading →

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