First pitch-

  1. Plans

My first idea for my course long capstone project is a series of 6 podcast. These podcasts will be record filmed and done in a professional manner using cameras mics and a nice set up that looks professional. In the podcast we will be discussing all things related to college sports. Pod cast and athletes have really blown up with ex players and even some players that are still playing. In my podcast it would more likely focus on what’s happening today in college sports, what big news is happening in todays sports world. In each of the 6 eposiodes I would have a different college athlete on who has there on story and path of how they got there and how the college athlete world has changed. We will discuss nil, sponsor ships and self branding


I’ve been a college athlete for five years and an athlete my whole life. I’ve been involved with sponsors, self branding, and nil since it has started and I feel like I have a a lot of connection through All of these years and playing baseball at two different university’s.

Pitch 2


My second idea is a bit different then my first idea. For this I would like to create a coded website like I did previously in Bills class. This website would fit the standard on rules applied to the following class with the right colors and content. I’n this website I would post photography that I have taken and make it my own professional portfolio. All photographs have there own website and I think creating one my self would be awesome. I would use the same coding we used in web design due to my prior knowledge on it.  A few things my website would show is photos that I have taken and think are very high in quality. It wil have my Backstory on who I am and what I do. It will have a page on how to get in contact with me and then finishing it will have a quick video of a photo colegge with all pictures I’ve taken throughout my travels.


Experience- I have taken a course on web design in which I enjoy throughly. I felt like the course taught me all I would need to know to create this project in a way I would be proud of and something that I think I would even use following the class. I have also taken numerous art and photographaphy classes throughout college so I think I could be qualified to now portray work in that area


Pitch 3- 


My third pitch would be a series of vlog post on what it is like as an everyday student athlete. It would be a 5 episode vlog. It will be filmed in a professional manor also with professional equipment. Through this blog I will follow around a differe sport student athlete everyday and go through there daily routine and see how it is different form just  a regular student. It will go through from morning till night even with practice and there trainings. I think this is a unique experience for the readers and soemtbing that alot of people would be interesting in watching.


My experience is that in my old university we will take kids for a DAY IN A LIFE which is very similar to my idea in a sense that you show someone the life of a student athlete and these kids loved it. I did this for three years and ever year I enjoyed doing it so I think this vlog post is something that I’m qualified for.