Capstone Project Pitches

Djerf Avenue Brick and Mortar

I would like to create a brick and mortar store and plan an opening event for Matilda Djerf’s brand Djerf Avenue. This is a clothing brand that I have been following for a while and have a strong grasp of what their brand vibes are. The brick and mortar would be based in Philadelphia. This would not be your typical retail store, but a space that truly encompasses what the brand has to offer. Djerf Avenue represents women of all different body types, skin colors, and lifestyles. 

For a PR internship I had, I worked on a project where we planned an event for one of the clients, Chamberlain Coffee. For one, we worked as a team, so taking this concept on solo would allow me to have more creative freedom. I would also like to grow the previous project by making advertisements, social media content, designing a floor plan, and going in depth with the event planning process. I would like to make three versions of posters, three merch designs, and six posts exclusively on the Djerf Avenue Philadelphia Instagram. For the post-event, I would draft a direct mail piece and design gift baskets. 

I have always loved fashion PR so this would give me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and hone in on skill sets specific to the fashion industry. For this project I would use Canva and Adobe Photoshop for media content and Smart draw for the floor plan.

You Are Not A Trend: Social Media Campaign

In a Com class I took with Dr. Parry, we were challenged with the task of creating a campaign that centered around a sensitive topic of interest to us. I would like to build on that concept and go deeper with a social media campaign. In our world we see trends rise and fall and we feed into it. But what happens when our bodies, our hair colors, our faces, and everything that makes us so unique becomes another trend? I would like to create a social media campaign on Tiktok and Instagram that features 10 posts touching on this idea. I would add a hashtag component called, “you are not a trend”. The idea is to spread the embracement of individuality and to stray away from trend cultures that could harm us. 

This idea would need Tiktok editing tools like Capcut, and social media tools like Canva and preview. Rather than creating loose ideas of posts, I want to actually create them. These posts could range from historical facts to interviews. I would like to go the extra mile with this project by adding an influencer seeding component. I would make a detailed list of influencers who would make sense to be involved in this campaign. I can plan shoots centered around this and a small event towards the end of the campaign. The campaign would be around three weeks long.

Lemon (imperfectly) Perfect Campaign

I have a family connection to the company Lemon Perfect which is a water naturally flavored by organic lemons. I would like to center a campaign around the product and play on the idea of “perfection”. This campaign would include 10 Instagram posts, 8 Tik Tok posts, digital ads, out of house print ads, merch designs, and a give away. In addition I would like to do influencer seeding and possible collabs. I would also like to add a partnership with Misfits Market. 

This campaign would showcase the fun imperfections of being a human in a world that always expects perfection. I would like to include slogans like, “We’re perfect so you don’t have to be”, “we see perfection in the imperfections”, “turn your day perfect” or “perfectly imperfect”  throughout the campaign. In every bottle of lemon perfect there is half an organic lemon. Lemon Perfect can partner with Misfit Market, which is a company that sends people produce that is scarred, scraped together, or misshapen. They can use Misfit Market’s odd lemons for campaign photoshoots and send fruit baskets to influencers. 

I drew a lot of inspiration for this project idea from a campaign breakdown I did on Diesel’s “Be A Follower” campaign. I would use Canva, Photoshop, Capcut, maybe Premiere, and Preview.