Pitch #1: short video psa

In my civic media class I took last semester, we were shown various animated psas that touched on large social issues while using strong narration, impactful visuals, as well as visually guiding animations/ drawings to further engage the audience. 

I am unsure as to what I want the focus to be for this project but To create this project I would only really need access to adobe after effects and an audio recorder from the gear room. 

The goal of this project in terms of length is to allow for the video to be long enough to share as much information as I can without making the video so long that it hinders the strength and appeal of the message. I would say that this video could be anywhere from 2-4 minutes long. A good example of what I’m aiming to create would be the short psa called “the war on drugs is an epic fail” 

JAY-Z The war on drugs is an EPIC fail (a short film) MUST WATCH!


Pitch #2: short film 

With this project idea I would like to utilize my gained knowledge from the various film making courses I have taken over my time at st Joseph’s to create and direct an original short film. I would create an original script and scout actors for the film and eventually coordinate shooting dates and later edit and compile my footage. 

For this assignment I would need access to the schools RED digital film cameras as well as all of the audio recording and lighting gear that goes along with the film making process. Ultimately when editing my film I will either use adobe premiere pro or Davinci resolve. 

I am not sure what I want the main ideas or focus of the film to be yet but I would aim to make the film anywhere between 6-10 minutes long. This could end up becoming longer depending on the scope of the story I want to create. 


Pitch #3: animated short film 

This project has more to do with my individual passion for animation that I have been working at for the past few years. I have wanted to create my own 3D animated short film for a while and had thought that using my capstone class to accomplish this was a good idea. I feel that I would want the theme of this piece to be mental health related and would hope to have some of my friends voice act if possible. 

In terms of hardware/ software I would need to complete this assignment, the only real thing I would need is the softwares blender to create and animate the short film and adobe after effects to do any visual and audio edits.

Because animation is a complex process and is only more time consuming the longer the work is, I would aim for the length of this short film to fall anywhere between 4-6 minutes.