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Please see the course website for the Formal Proposal assignment.

Due date: Monday, January 29, by 11:00pm.

Domenic’s proposal

Ball Banter sport podcast Topic- The topic of this here podcast will be all you have to know about the inside of being a NCAA athlete in the new era and even some of the old errors. We will be… Continue Reading →

Eva Webb Capstone Formal Proposal

Curating an Exhibition Topic: I love going to the museum and looking at new exhibitions. How can I share my love for the arts and showcase my skills I gathered from my time at Saint Joseph’s University? The best way… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Formal Capstone Proposal

Topic: For my capstone project, I not only want to show some of my best skills that I have acquired as a communications major, but I also wanted to complete a project on a concept that I am both passionate… Continue Reading →

Shane Freda Formal Proposal

“Success Session With Shane: A career exploration Podcast”   Topic:  I believe that the hardest part of graduating and finishing one’s educational journey is finding that next step and really understand what it is you want to do with your… Continue Reading →

Joe Gibson Capstone Proposal

New York Sports Blog Topic: For my project, I will be creating a blog website about the sport scene in New York. As a lifelong New Yorker, I see the impact that the sports around us have on our daily… Continue Reading →

Liz Held Capstone Proposal

Topic Is it possible to tell an emotionally compelling story with dynamic and interesting characters using only sound and very limited visuals? Given the recent success of dramatic podcasts, the answer is yes. As a communications and film major, I… Continue Reading →

Marissa Marchese Capstone Proposal

Lost and Found Vintage Social Media Campaign How can a targeted social media campaign, composed of photo, video and graphic design content, lead to increased engagement with a vintage pop-up store in Philadelphia? Topic: As a regular customer of Lost… Continue Reading →

John Coppa Capstone Proposal

Topic: “100% Trustworthy Financial Advice*” will be a five part podcast that seeks to inform listeners about the do’s and don’ts of large purchases as well as the how’s and why’s of the consumer market. This topic is important because… Continue Reading →

Max Kelly Capstone Proposal

Graffiti in Philadelphia I will be creating a video series highlighting Philadelphia’s history with the art of graffiti and multiple prolific and active graffiti artists. Over the next few months I will be creating a journalistic video series that explores… Continue Reading →

Jonathan Fritz Capstone Formal Proposal

    Performing Arts at Saint Joe’s: Behind the Curtain Topic:  My senior capstone will be series of three videos, recorded and produced to promote different clubs and organizations and Saint Joseph’s University. This will be a video series focusing… Continue Reading →

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