1. Ball Banter sport podcast


The topic of this here podcast will be all you have to know about the inside of being a NCAA athlete in the new era and even some of the old errors. We will be discussing all hot topics around the world of being a student athelete the new change in self branding and nil. I belive with this huge change and how it has impacted so many careers and even ended some will be a huge catch and a huge hit throughout the sport loving community


The way this podcast will be set up is in a sit down fashion similar to Club Shay Shay, and New Heights. I will have a sit down with 1 guest at a time. It will have a background of which consist to the topics in which we will be discussing to that day. We will be using a video camera in which I have which will portray volume and sound so you can hear and see eveything going on. I will have a tv running to pull of clips of things that could come up during conversation. I will do my best to create a comfortable space for me and more importantly the guest I bring on each week. I will be using a tripod to film this all so that it’s more comfortable for the guest to speak so there is no third party that could make them uncomfortable. I think with a sit down podcast comfort is key and what exactly we are looking for. I will have proper lighting and use neutral colors though out all branding so that it does not limit those who may be color impaired.


The primary audience would be college students but not limited to. I think this could be eye opening e peice for those preparing to be a ncaa athlete and even those who have the interest of people who are college athletes. I think the ranger do audiences does not have a limit although many sports podcast are male dominant i think this one could change the narrative. This podcast could be use of clarity for parents of students athlete who just want to know more about what their child does on a daily basis and what they don’t know about the athlete life. As an athlete I know it is always hard when the question comes up as to what it’s like being an athlete so I think this is a great way to spread the message and help people have insight. This will be professional with proper language with no conversation that would limit the youth from tuning in. This podcast could be viewed by any age group I believe

Prior experience and education

Now with this being my first podcast this is not my first time speaking behind a camera and having to edit and upload. Throught out my time as a communications major throughout covid most of my speeches were virtual at my previous university.  I head to film edit and upload speeches and PowerPoints 1 time a week for most of my career at URI during COVID. With that being said it is much different that uploading a podcast with a guest but I believe I have the baseline down and this  won’t be to new to me. I have also be invited onto as a guest for a podcast so I know what it is like to prepare my self for one. I am not a person who has been shy behind camera and I love picking people brains so I think this is a great opportunity.


the research process for me will be gathering information on the guest and preparing interesting question to get the guest talking. I think me preparing question and having a background on the person is very important to keep the podcast flowing. I also will have to understand what we are talking about and make sure I answer with correct answer to the question. I will do research on the university that each athlete has gone to so I can relate to things that they say during the podcast as well.


Some bumps in the road I could see coming up during this process could be with editing I have edit a bunch of speeches in my career but I think this could be more time consuming then previously. I also thing carrying the conversation could get difficult if the guest is a not prepared or used to being behind camera. I also think anytime you are dealing with technology things can go wrong so just preparing for things of that nature is something I am going to have to be ready for.


The first thing I would focus on is locking in 4-6 guest to interview through the weeks of the episode with my biggest guest being first to Hook the listeners . I think throughout the first week starting this podcast I will get a spot ready for action. I then will create an intro that will start off each podcast. I will run a few test podcast with my roomates or my buddy’s to get back into the swing of talking behind camera. Then following that I will post 1 unload a week through the remainder of the semester and at the end of each episode I will have hints on who is next to intrigue the listeners.