The technology that I will be using the most in my project is WordPress. I am using WordPress over software such as Wix for two reasons. It is more affordable as well as more customizable. One feature of the technology I have to master is the ability to successfully design my themes for my website. I intend to get started on this once I create my site. The next thing I have to master is the ability to create a proper blog post within my website. This will get done after I have fully finished designing my website. One more thing that I need to master would be creating tags within my posts. This is an important aspect of creating a blog, and I believe that I will be able to master this pretty quickly.

WordPress is social in multiple ways. The first way that it is social is that it is a medium to communicate on the internet. It is set up to be a space for people to be able to create websites easily without having great knowledge of building websites. Another way in which it is social is it allows people to customize their websites. Unlike other websites, WordPress allows a high level of customization allowing people to create their website to their specifications. WordPress is also extremely friendly to outside entities. It allows various outside plugins, statistics as well as allowing posts straight to LinkedIn and Facebook, allowing even more customization within the website itself.

WordPress reflects cultural values by being extremely user friendly. It highlights ease of use even for people who are not experts which is something that we value in society. It is also an online application. Not having to download it, it is easy for me to access on whichever device I need, whether it is my laptop, desktop, or phone in case I must change something small. It is easy and convenient to log into a website and have all of your work saved. The final cultural value that it displays is personalization. You can personalize practically anything from your URL to your fonts. This is something that is important especially in a website. In order to get it to be successful you must get it to stand out, and personalizing your website is a way to do this.

Some affordances that WordPress provides are easy access, easy personalization, as well as thousands of different plug-ins and ways to enhance your website for free. WordPress is extremely easy to access as well as to use. It does not cost nearly as much as some of the other websites creating softwares and it will work as long as you are able to connect to wifi. Personalization is an aspect of WordPress that it tries to excel in. They want to provide you with the most customizable experience that you could possibly have. WordPress offers over 50,000 different plug-ins. These are able to enhance your website and help you create a successful website. Some of the constraints of WordPress are that it is online, it is not as advanced as some other design tools, and it also is not great for every kind of website. Being online means that you can only use it if you are connected to wifi. For my purposes, this is okay, but it would not work for someone who likes to get a lot of work done while on their commute home. It also means that it relies on your browser and if it is slow or not running correctly, then you will have issues. In Web Design, using brackets, we were able to customize every aspect of our website. Although there are things that we can customize on wordpress, it is not the same as being able to handle the code line by line. It makes it easier for a more novice person but it takes away the complete control that comes with actually coding your website. And finally, WordPress is used mainly for blogs. Like with Brackets, you are not able to completely control everything. This may make it hard to correctly layout certain pages in a portfolio website for example. Most of the constraints of WordPress rely on the fact that it helps create a site for you, while giving you the tools to create your own design for your website, but it does not let you create the code itself.