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Marissa Marchese Consideration Post #2

Diversity and Inclusion While my capstone project does not explicitly work with topics of diversity and inclusion, I hope to impact the Philadelphia community by creating a space on Instagram that is engaging for all. My Vision Ultimately, I hope… Continue Reading →

Hannah Madeya Third Consideration Post

Over the course of my four years in the Communications Department, we have discussed visual design– whether for social media, websites, photography or brand books. More specifically, we have looked at how design can be composed in an inclusive and… Continue Reading →

Grace Brennan Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2 Intentions & Impacts My project, Lemon (Imperfectly) Perfect, is a lighthearted campaign that centers around the theme of imperfections. I will be touching on body issues, self esteem, and societal expectations. In numerous Instagram posts, Tiktok videos,… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Consideration Post 3

Points of Exclusion Inherent in Primary Deliverables My primary deliverable is a brand book. One exclusion inherent in my primary deliverable is for those who can not see images very well. I will be including pictures throughout my brand book… Continue Reading →

Ava Wilson Consideration Post 2

Consideration Post 2: Diversity and Neurodiversity 1. What is the intention of your project? That is, what do you hope it will achieve? A1. The intention of my project is to educate, entertain, and humanize individuals like myself who are… Continue Reading →

Liz Held Second Consideration Post

Intention & Social Impact My intention with this capstone project is to 1) create an entertaining, clear, and immersive sound experience for my listeners and 2) discuss mental health, mortality, and friendship through my main characters and their relationships to… Continue Reading →

Amanda Markert Consideration Post 2

Project Intention The intention of my project is to create an online social media presence as well as a cohesive brand book for my friends podcast, No Fly Zone. I am hoping that by creating this, their podcast will have… Continue Reading →

Cara’s Second Consideration Post

My project intends to mitigate the effects of our fast-paced, digital-focused world. Through the creation of an app prototype on Figma, I’ll be focusing on problem-solving through design. Impact I’ll be employing UX design practices to solve the problem of… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner Second Consideration Post

Intention Of My Project My project intends to create an open platform and grow the conversation on Mental Health. I hope this podcast will become a place where people feel accepted, can relate, and grow. I intend to open this… Continue Reading →

Tyler Goodwin Second Consideration Post

Intention The overall intent behind my project is to express my love for Philadelphia sports teams and for people to be able to engage with them. I want people to come and read my sports blog as a source of… Continue Reading →

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