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Nathan Hare Consideration Post #3

My project uses photos as the primary medium for presenting information. This medium allows me to reach a broad range of audiences, but it also comes with its limitations. For example, using photographs for my posts creates a point of… Continue Reading →

Shane Freda Blog Post #3 – Consideration & Solutions

Points of Exclusion:¬† When it comes to creating a podcast, especially one without visuals, audio is the main technology being used to convert my message to the audience. For my podcast the main point of exclusion would be those that… Continue Reading →

Patrick Sheppard third consideration

I’m dedicated to making sure that my sports podcast project is inclusive and accessible to all listeners as I go into its development. I’ve located areas of exclusion in the project website and the podcast episodes themselves, using the guidelines… Continue Reading →

Patrick Sheppard Second Consideration

As I start my sports podcast project, I’m committed to encouraging an intentional and fair approach to my work. With this initiative, I hope to provide a platform that offers perceptive analysis and commentary while celebrating the diversity of the… Continue Reading →

Consideration Post 3

  Inclusive design: Inclusive design plays a large role in whether or not your content is accessible to the largest amount of people. Without proper attention being given to the subject, certain demographics will ultimately be excluded from your creation…. Continue Reading →

Consideration Post 2

The intention: As someone who is hoping to grow as an animator, there are a few outcomes that I would like to achieve by producing this animated short film. The first of these achievements would be to gain more experience… Continue Reading →


The Technology: The central technological tool I will be using for this project is the animation software Blender. Many versions of this software have come out, adding new and innovative features however I am choosing to use an older version… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Consideration Post #2

Intention of my project: For this fashion magazine I am creating, featuring fashion designers in the Philadelphia region, my project aims to achieve a variety of goals, including artistic, educational, and community-focused objectives. First, I want to offer a platform… Continue Reading →

Colby Evans Consideration Post #1

Technologies/Platforms Included In My Project: Graphic Design Software (Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop): Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are two vital editing platforms that I am using in creating my magazine. First, Photoshop offers strong image editing capabilities that guarantee… Continue Reading →

Isabella Colina Hidalgo’s Third Consideration Post

Points of Exclusion¬† When designing my project as a whole, especially as a physical photo book I think the main point of exclusion would be for people who might be visually impaired. This is because a lot of the project… Continue Reading →

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