The intention:

As someone who is hoping to grow as an animator, there are a few outcomes that I would like to achieve by producing this animated short film. The first of these achievements would be to gain more experience in the world of animation. Being that animating something of this size is no streamlined nor simple feat, I would like to leave this project having learned new ways to become more of an efficient and overall more skilled animator. With the completion of this project, I also hope to refine my skills in both 3D modeling as well as the skill of animating characters and the camera within my scenes. 

The next thing I hope to achieve is being able to simply have my work viewed by as many people as possible. Whether this is through self-promotion on various social media platforms or even by submitting my work to a film festival, I hope that as many people as possible can see my work. This will allow me to get feedback and would allow me to enjoy my work through the eyes of the audience. 

The final thing I hope to achieve through my project is to help grow people’s interest in the concept of liminal space. Liminal space has been something that has fascinated and excited me for years and I hope to be able to replicate the concepts within it and hopefully spark some people’s interests through my preferred medium. 


The Impact:

Being that films are a visual form of art, the main impact I hope my work will have is that it will be remembered and talked about by those who view it. I hope that my work will inspire those who may be interested in 3D to jump into their own journey with the medium. Being that liminal space and or the backrooms is more of a niche concept, I hope that people will find a new interest in it or revitalize an existing one. Ultimately I know that I do not have the platform to make a big impact within the animation world but I hope that those who do end up stumbling upon my work will enjoy it and share it with others. 


Best case:

The best-case scenario following the publication of my film would be to get a spot to showcase my work at a film festival. Another best-case scenario would simply be for tons of people to stumble upon and enjoy the film I create. 


Worst case scenario:

The worst-case scenario for me would be to produce something that is not up to my standards. Furthermore more the other side to this worst-case scenario would be that nobody outside of my class sees my work. 


Personal Identities:

I’m not too sure if this question is relevant to the kind of project I am creating, however, I do think there are some missing life experiences that would definitely enhance the impact of my work. The fact that the most impactful work comes from stories based on personal experience has been a common theme I’ve noticed within the world of cinema. This could end up not playing a large role in my short film for the fact that the concept of liminal space plays on the idea that everyone has seen places like these, however, they are not as impactful places over others since most liminal spaces are transitional spaces, not meant to be remembered.