Inclusive design:

Inclusive design plays a large role in whether or not your content is accessible to the largest amount of people. Without proper attention being given to the subject, certain demographics will ultimately be excluded from your creation. This concept is important to consider in the world of video content. 



Being that film is made up of both visual and auditory aspects, exclusion is ultimately unavoidable. The most prominent form of exclusion that arises within the world of filmmaking is those people who are blind and people who have auditory disabilities. Solutions to these forms of exclusion are not so black and white as both the audio and video work together to create an overall experience and excluding one of the two will heavily change the impact of the film. Though these issues are prevalent there are a few solutions that can attempt to fill the void of audio or video. 


The solution for people with auditory disabilities would be to create subtitles and a transcript for the film. This will allow the audibly impaired audience to still understand what is being said and heard during the film. The exclusion of blind people is a bit trickier to work around since films are so heavily reliant on visuals. The solution to this is for visually impaired people to use assistive listening devices. This would allow the viewer to listen to descriptive audio that depicts all of the scenery actions and dialogue in the film. 



When my project is completed, I will be posting my work to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. I hope to promote it by having people I know as well as myself make posts about it leading up to the release as well as after to get as many people interested as possible.