As I start my sports podcast project, I’m committed to encouraging an intentional and fair approach to my work. With this initiative, I hope to provide a platform that offers perceptive analysis and commentary while celebrating the diversity of the sports world. Regardless of their origins or identities, I want sports fans to have a feeling of belonging.

In terms of effect, I want my show to be a place where people from different groups come to feel heard and represented. My goal is for it to act as a spark for deep conversations and relationships, enhancing listeners’ sports experiences and benefiting the larger athletic community.

I am, however, fully aware of the possible exclusions that could occur. In the worst situation, my initiative can accidentally reinforce prejudices or ignore certain underprivileged populations. I have to be on the lookout for any prejudices or blind spots in my material and take active steps to address them.

My own and other people’s personal identities surely affect how I approach design. As a creator, I influence the content and tone of my podcast by contributing my personal viewpoints and life experiences. I am aware of my restricted perspective, though, and I have to actively look for different points of view to guarantee inclusion.

I’m dedicated to ensuring my project is as inclusive as possible, even if I acknowledge the risk of missing perspectives or misrepresenting cultures. Whether through guest interviews, listener comments, or research into underrepresented sports and athletes, I intend to┬áinteract with various perspectives. My goal is to produce a podcast that accurately depicts the diverse spectrum of the sports industry by elevating underrepresented perspectives and questioning prevailing myths.

In conclusion, the need for diversity and representation is what motivates my sports podcast endeavor. In order to develop a podcast that appeals to listeners from all backgrounds and fosters a sense of belonging and respect for the variety of experiences within the sports world, I plan to aggressively address any possible exclusions and embrace diversity.