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For this post, we’re going to consider Inclusive Design, Accessibility, and Access to your project via distribution. Much of the post will be based on the Microsoft Inclusive Design Toolkit we read for Feb 26.

I’d like you to identify 1 or more Points of Exclusion inherent in 2 of your primary deliverables (film/video, exhibit site, social media posts, print items, web site, ads, etc.). Describe those Exclusion Points and how they represent one or more Mismatched Human Interactions.

Then, describe one or more access design solutions to help mediate the Exclusion Point and describe the best practices for those design solutions. Link to a best practices resource. Also consider the Persona Spectrum of how people with temporary Mismatched Human Interactions might also benefit from the design solution.

Though we might not be able to implement all of the access design solutions, it is important to understand that they exist and if we had the time and resources we would do our best to implement them. Those we can implement, we will implement.

Then, I’d like to to think about how you are going to distribute not just your project but get word out about it. How far you are going to distribute it depends on the goals of your project. Who do you hope to reach and how will those people find out about it?

Remember to style your post nicely and make it professional. Use the Blog Post Checklist and compose it for an audience other than Bill who might come across it based on a search.

This is very likely the last blog post you will ever do as a COM major at SJU. Make it your best one ever.

Choose the Third Post s24 category.

Due Wednesday, 2/28 by 11:00pm.

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