My project uses photos as the primary medium for presenting information. This medium allows me to reach a broad range of audiences, but it also comes with its limitations. For example, using photographs for my posts creates a point of exclusion that affects visually impaired readers. This is something that I knew would be an obstacle for my project from the planning stage. The main solution for this problem is putting alt text on each of my photo posts to provide a detailed description of my images to readers who are not able to view them. Despite usually being limited to a sentence or two, alt text can give a very descriptive and clear idea of what a photo is like to a visually impaired user. There are countless articles on the importance of including alt text in your work, but I found this one by Innovation Visual to be especially straightforward and informative. Taking the persona spectrum into account, having alt text on my photos could help groups of people outside the initial intended audience. This could include people currently lacking a stable internet connection because it allows them to still see a description of the image without having to load it. It could benefit people simply looking for a more detailed description of my posts as well.

I plan to distribute my completed project across multiple social media platforms. The primary platform that my project is focused on is Instagram, but my photos will also be posted to TikTok and Facebook to reach as many new people as possible. I am hopeful that the new timelapse videos I post alongside the photo posts will help draw people to my account as well. The main demographic of people I hope to find my account through this project is fans of Perler beads, Pokémon, or video games in general. I am hopeful that new people will find my posts through the discover/recommended pages of whatever platform they are using. This will help increase the number of accounts my content is pushed out to as well as help me gain some momentum with the algorithms on various platforms.