Points of Exclusion: 

When it comes to creating a podcast, especially one without visuals, audio is the main technology being used to convert my message to the audience. For my podcast the main point of exclusion would be those that are hard of hearing and can not listen to my episodes.

Although I offer readable transcripts for each one of my episodes, another point of exclusion could be those who have visual impairments.

Design Solutions:

When it comes to the solution for the problem of hard of hearing I have created a link tree that is attached in the bio of podcast accounts that contain the transcripts for each podcast. I used the website, “Go Transcribe”, to help me convert my audio file into text. 









For people that may be hard of hearing and have visual impairments, reading and listening to my podcast/transcript may be hard. In that case, I will format my transcripts in a more simpler fashion with larger text and minimal colors so there is less eyesight distraction going on.

Distribution Of Project:

When it comes to distribution, my podcast will be posted on Spotify and Soundcloud. I will also be posting on my personal instagram account with an announcement for my podcast to make my project more known to a broader audience rathe than those who just happen to stumble upon it. I am hoping to have a positive effect on those who get a chance to listen to my guests and really think about their own personal career exploration processes.