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Nathan Hare Consideration Post #3

My project uses photos as the primary medium for presenting information. This medium allows me to reach a broad range of audiences, but it also comes with its limitations. For example, using photographs for my posts creates a point of… Continue Reading →

Nathan Hare Consideration Post #2

The primary intention of my senior capstone project is to entertain and gain the interest of anyone who sees my posts. My main goal in posting on Instagram is to gain traction and grow a larger following. In terms of… Continue Reading →

Nathan Hare First Consideration Post

The technology I have chosen to discuss that I think is the most relevant to my project is Adobe Photoshop. The version that I will be using is Adobe Photoshop 2024 because it is the most recently released version and… Continue Reading →

Nathan Hare Formal Proposal

Topic PerlerBuff is an Etsy shop that I opened in 2017 as a passion project. Learning how to run a shop was interesting and rewarding, but it was difficult to get many sales without a social media presence. In May… Continue Reading →

Nathan Hare Capstone Project Pitches

Perfected Pokémon Perler Pictures In this project, I will focus on making a series of photos to showcase the artwork that I sell on Etsy. In 2021, I started Instagram and TikTok accounts called PerlerBuff to advertise my Pokémon Perler… Continue Reading →

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