The primary intention of my senior capstone project is to entertain and gain the interest of anyone who sees my posts. My main goal in posting on Instagram is to gain traction and grow a larger following. In terms of social impact, I aim to create a space where Pokémon fans can comment and interact with each other. I am also including pictures from landmarks around Philadelphia and the surrounding area to show off more cultural locations.

If my project were to go the best it could go, this photo series would gain a lot of interest from fans of Pokémon and would drastically increase my likes and follower counts. If everything goes perfectly, my Instagram account will become a place where people can discuss their favorite Pokémon in a positive and healthy environment. On the flip side, the absolute worst-case scenario for my project would be to harbor an environment on my account that promotes hate and negativity. The last thing I would want is for someone to feel unwelcome or uncomfortable when they come across my posts. One way I will combat this is by being conscious and respectful of any cultural landmarks I photograph in Philadelphia.

Personal identities will influence the approach of my design because I want to try to represent as many demographics as possible. This is a very experimental project, so I want to include a very broad range of backgrounds for my Pokémon Perlers to see what kinds of things people are interested in seeing. Even though I am including representation for as many communities as I can, I am aware that there are some experiences that I will not be able to fully understand. For example, I am going to be taking pictures around the city of Philadelphia, but I have never lived in the heart of a city before. One misrepresented community that is affected by my project is the blind community. In order to make my content as inclusive as possible for as many people as possible, I am including detailed alt text on any photos that I post.