The intention of my project is to expand the reach of ZELARTS LLC, my personal brand, by creating, selling, and marketing merchandise that promotes unity and positivity through art. While not explicitly focused on mental well-being, I aim to bring joy to consumers and contribute to the positive impact of art on individuals. My project serves as a way to apply the skills and knowledge acquired over the years to further my career aspirations while spreading joy.



I hope my project inspires others to follow their passion and take risks, particularly as a college student and artist. Through the expansion of my business, I aim to reach a broader audience, gain more followers, and sell a significant amount of merchandise. In the real world, I envision my creations becoming a source of joy for individuals, either as personal items or thoughtful gifts, contributing to positive experiences and fostering a sense of connection through shared appreciation for art and pop culture.


Best/Worst Case Scenarios

Best Case Scenarios:

  • ZELARTS LLC expands successfully.
  • Increased followers and a substantial number of merchandise sales.

Worst Case Scenarios:

  • Minimal or no merchandise sales.
  • Limited or no expansion of the business.

Exclusions in Worst Case Scenarios:

  • Potential exclusion from reaching a wider audience and community impact.
  • Limited visibility and impact on individuals who might benefit from the positive message conveyed through the merchandise.

Personal Identity

As a 22-year-old African American male, my personal identity significantly influences my design approach. I aim to showcase and celebrate diverse cultures and pop culture figures that resonate with me and others. This perspective informs the themes, styles, and representations in my art, reflecting a commitment to inclusivity and representation.


While my project aims to be inclusive, there might be perspectives and lived experiences outside of my own that could enhance the diversity of themes and cultural representations in my designs. Collaborating with individuals from different backgrounds could bring valuable insights and broaden the range of my creative expressions.

Individuals and Communities

Communities or individuals who are underrepresented in mainstream media and art might be missing from my project. It’s crucial to ensure that my designs reflect a wide array of cultures, identities, and experiences to create a more inclusive and representative body of work.


To make my project more inclusive, I will actively seek input and collaboration from individuals representing various backgrounds. This may involve engaging with diverse communities, conducting research, and listening to feedback to ensure that my art resonates with a broad audience. Additionally, I will strive to showcase a variety of cultures and pop culture figures in my designs, promoting inclusivity and representation in my work.