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Eva’s 3rd Consideration Post

Inclusive Design, Accessibility, and Access in Exhibition Curation Being inclusive starts with the creator of the project.¬†After closely reviewing and looking at accessibility of ArtSteps, the software itself limits the accessibility of the project. Points of Exclusion in Exhibition ArtSteps/Exhibit… Continue Reading →

Denzel Jones Third Consideration Post

Point of Exclusion: Lack of Alt Text for Visual Content   Deliverable 1: Website Failing to provide descriptive text for images can unintentionally bar people with visual impairments from accessing and comprehending the content to its fullest extent. Mismatched Human… Continue Reading →

Denzel Jones Second Consideration Post

Intentions The intention of my project is to expand the reach of ZELARTS LLC, my personal brand, by creating, selling, and marketing merchandise that promotes unity and positivity through art. While not explicitly focused on mental well-being, I aim to… Continue Reading →

Eva Webb’s Second Consideration (Diversity and Inclusion)

Diversity and Inclusion within an Exhibition about Women Exhibition’s Intention, Goals, and Impact My project is meant to show representations of women from various cultures varying in occupations, backgrounds, and roles. The exhibition would highlight predetermined expectation and idealized forms… Continue Reading →

Eva Webb’s First Consideration (Materiality and Technology)

ArtSteps ArtSteps is a 3D virtual reality that helps user create exhibitions of 2D works. This program would make give the collections a work of space and help the view visualized how the pieces work together. Viewer would be able… Continue Reading →

Jones First First Consideration Post

Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader This device is crucial to my project. It is well made by Shopify to accept both chip and contactless payments, supporting major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, and… Continue Reading →

Canvas Cuisine: Case Study

PROJECT OVERVIEW: Summary: When thinking of culture, food and art are synonymous in it, both being a hallmark of a culture’s history and identity. My capstone brings the two together, highlighting the union of the two throughout history through 10… Continue Reading →

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