Point of Exclusion: Lack of Alt Text for Visual Content


Screenshot of shopify website

Deliverable 1: Website

Failing to provide descriptive text for images can unintentionally bar people with visual impairments from accessing and comprehending the content to its fullest extent.

Mismatched Human Interaction: Visual-Only Engagement

This exclusion point represents a mismatch for individuals who rely on screen readers or other assistive technologies to navigate the web. They are unable to access the visual elements that play a significant role in my Capstone project.

Access Design Solution: Implementing Comprehensive Alt Text

Best Practice: Alt text should be concise, descriptive, and convey the essential information of an image. Ensure that it provides a meaningful context and does not rely on visual details alone. 

Persona Spectrum:

Beyond aiding individuals with visual impairments, comprehensive alt text benefits those with temporary mismatches, such as users in low-bandwidth situations or those using text-only browsers. It enhances the overall user experience and search engine optimization.

Point of Exclusion: Lack of Captions in Video Content

Deliverable 2: Social Media Posts

Videos without captions exclude individuals with hearing impairments, limiting their access to the auditory content and potentially hindering comprehension.

Mismatched Human Interaction: Auditory-Only Engagement

This exclusion point creates a mismatch for users who rely on captions or transcripts to consume video content. Without these, they miss out on crucial information conveyed through sound.

Access Design Solution: Incorporating Captions and Transcripts

Best Practice: If possible provide accurate captions for all spoken content and include transcripts for videos. Ensure that the text aligns with the spoken words, sound effects, and relevant background noises. 

Persona Spectrum:

Captions serve a purpose that goes beyond assisting individuals with hearing impairments. They provide immense benefits to users in noisy environments, those who prefer muted content, or those with varying degrees of language proficiency. The utility of captions is not limited to a particular group of individuals but extends to a diverse range of users. The effectiveness of captions in facilitating comprehension and enhancing the overall user experience in various settings has been widely recognized in the academic literature.

Distribution Strategy:

In order to achieve maximum impact with the Capstone project, my distribution strategy is focused on connecting with a diverse audience who are passionate about art, design, and spreading positivity. Through a combination of social media outreach, participation in the Art Fest , and website optimization for improved search engine visibility, I aim to connect with individuals who share my mission of promoting inclusivity and joy through art.