Inclusive Design


Points of Exclusion

The two primary deliverables of my project include a printed magazine editorial layout and a digital magazine editorial layout, both with images and text throughout the magazine. Within both deliverables people that are blind or have limited sight will have difficulty or the inability to view or read the magazine.  With the print version, I could make and order a braille version of the magazine.

Two hands reading a braille book.

Image of two hands reading a braille magazine

For example, BrailleWorks is a website that will transcribe your document for you and ship the braille version to you. With the digital version, there are a couple things that can be done. I can create a version of the magazine that is readable by a screen-reader, as well as include titles and ALT text for all the images within my magazine. For instance, here is a video that explains how to export a file from Adobe InDesign in order to set up export tags for accessibility. I can also have a recorded version of someone reading the magazine and  describing the images alongside the digital version, much like a screen-reader would, but I have included it near the digital version or at the beginning of the digital version for those without a screen-reader.

Temporary Mismatched Human Interactions

Woman walking on the sidewalk of a street, holding two grocery bags and her cellphone, wearing headphones.

Image of a woman walking down the street

These variations can also be beneficial to people with temporary Mismatched Human Interactions, who are excluded due to temporary or situational mismatched human interactions. For example, if someone is too busy with work, school, chores, etc. to sit down and reach a magazine, it would be beneficial to them as well to have an audio version that will read the magazine to them almost like a podcast. People that do not have time to read the whole magazine, are on the go, or have their hands full, would be able to listen to the magazine on their own time. These variations to help certain groups of people can also be extended to those who might be challenged with situational or temporary roadblocks to reading the magazine.


I will only have one or to copies of my print magazine, so those will only be distributed to myself to keep and to my family to have. However, the digital version will be available to anyone with the link to it. I will be putting the digital version on my personal portfolio website, which is linked on my resume and other personal portfolio and media locations. I will post about the finished magazine on my photography Instagram account to spread the word to the people in my life that I know are interested in my work. I do not care if a large population of the world sees it, but I definitely want my friends, family, and potential future employers to see the finished magazine.