Shopify Tap & Chip Card Reader

This device is crucial to my project. It is well made by Shopify to accept both chip and contactless payments, supporting major payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. While compact and straightforward, it is important for me to have this device on hand when it comes time to sell my merchandise in person. Its Bluetooth capability allows it to connect seamlessly to my online store, requiring only the app on my phone.

This beginner device in Shopify’s point of sale products costs only 50 dollars. This is quite affordable compared to their other hardware options considering that those can cost upwards of $150 or more. The pricier devices typically come with more features, including a built-in screen and a larger size. The one I plan to purchase is small, doesn’t have a screen, and is designed specifically for card transactions. Since I’m just starting out and only doing one pop-up, I believe these limitations won’t hinder the customer experience.

Mastering the Technology 

Connectivity: Understanding and ensuring seamless Bluetooth connectivity with my online store is crucial. I plan to practice connecting and disconnecting the device to guarantee a smooth transaction process during pop-up events.

Payment Methods: I really want to familiarize myself with the various payment methods the device supports. When I get the device I will dedicate some time to experimenting with different payment scenarios to be well-prepared for any customer preference .

Troubleshooting: Given how important a good transaction experience is, mastering basic troubleshooting steps is necessary. I intend on familiarizing myself with potential issues and their resolutions to handle any technical glitches in a timely manner, to ensure minimal disruption to the customer’s experience.


In my view, utilizing this device creates a sense of professionalism and enhances convenience for my customers in situations where cash or other payment apps may not be feasible. As someone who is relatively new to selling products in person, my top priority is providing my customers with the most seamless and exceptional experience possible.

Inclusivity: In some way,  accepting the different payment methods, this device promotes a sense of inclusivity and convenience for customers, accommodating diverse preferences in payment options.

Efficiency: The quick and straightforward payment process with this device enhances social interactions by minimizing wait times.

Modernization: Embracing contactless and chip payment methods aligns with contemporary trends in commerce.

Cultural Values:

Convenience: I understand that the Art Fest will be fast-paced and a hectic environment, so putting the emphasis on swift and hassle-free transactions resonates with cultural values.

Technological Adaptation:  Using such a cutting-edge and modern device that features modern payment methods like tap pay aligns with a cultural inclination toward technological advancement and  embracing innovation, seeking ways to enhance daily activities

Affordability:  The affordability of the card reader underscores cultural values related to accessibility and cost-consciousness with Shopify offering a budget-friendly option. 

Affordance of the Technology:

Portability: Considering the size of the device and the wireless functionality, the devices give me the ability to conduct transactions virtually anywhere. That really offers me a sense of flexibility with any other pop up shops I may do in the future.

Professional Image: As I mentioned before utilizing this device creates a sense of professionalism. I feel as though customers associate modern, reliable payment methods with a trustworthy and established business.

Simplicity: Although I still have some learning and mastery to do , the device is straightforward and I feel like with time it will afford me the ease of use and reduce the likelihood of errors during a transaction


Limited Functionality: The absence of a built-in screen and additional features limits the device to card transactions only.

Dependence on other technologies: If God forbid something were to happen to my phone or iPad, the device wouldn’t be of much use.

Learning Curve: Again,  even though it’s a straightforward and simple device,I still am a beginner so I will definitely have to learn and take time to fully understand all its functionalities.