Throughout my work on this project, I plan to use the software Canva. Canva is a platform that allows you to create online graphic designs. For my project I will be using Canva Pro, which you subscribe to for $14.99/month. Due to the professionalism that this project requires, I will be investing in Canva Pro, which is the premium version of Canva, so I can take my designs to the next level. With the Pro features, I will be able to save my brand logos, colors, and fonts, and do so much more!

Canva features that I need to master

Something that I will need to master in order to create a professional level project is the Canva Pro personal brand kit. Canva Pro allows you to set up your own brand kit, bringing the entire brand together all in one place. This feature will allow me to access and keep all of my fonts, logos, icons, colors, images, and brand template all in one place. This is the first thing that I would like to set up because I want to keep everything all in one place from the moment I start, so I can establish brand consistency. I am going to start by creating a blank template that I would like to use. This is something that I would like to do by week 6. 

Another feature that I will need to master on Canva Pro is downloading my designs/photos with a transparent background. I will need this feature to include the photos that I take in the gym, and the graphics that I create on InDesign. I will master this by following the guide on the Canva website that lists the step-by-step of how to achieve this. I will also watch the Youtube video called “Download Your Designs with a Transparent Background,” posted by Canva. I intend to do these things in order to prepare within the upcoming week. 

Something else that I plan on mastering to create a professional-level project is Canva’s PDF editor. This will be very useful because I will be creating designs on Adobe InDesign, then saving them as PDF’s, followed by transferring them over to Canva. The Canva PDF editor allows you to make last minute changes and add to what you have created, to make designs more elaborate. I will master this feature by reading the directions on the Canva website, and by practicing uploading sample PDF documents and making edits. I plan to do this within the month because this is something that I will need later on throughout the process of creating my brand book. This is more for when I’m putting my book together and adding last minute touches.    

How Canva is Social

Canva is social because it is considered to be a visual communication platform. Canva gives you the ability to add text and images to communicate a brand image or message. Through the features on Canva, brands can communicate what they stand for to their target audience. Canva has enhanced human behavior by allowing individuals to create visually appealing graphics to capture the attention of the audience. This helps brands tell their story, and allows the audience to connect.  

Canva is also social by offering users to share their work, and others can interact and comment. This interactive experience has changed human behavior because people now have the opportunity to share their views and opinions, and individuals have the chance to learn from each other. The features that Canva offers that enable sociability, are sharing features via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  

Another way in which Canva is social, is through their collaboration efforts. Canva has features that allow you to create teams, where you can add people to your team and grant them access to edit your work. This collaborative feature has changed/enhanced human behavior due to being exposed to working within a group. Working as a team is an important skill to learn, and Canva gives users the ability to practice and perfect this skill.  

Canva reflects cultural values

Canva reflects the cultural value of inclusivity. Canva is a user-friendly software that makes designs and graphics accessible to all who wish to be involved. 

Another way that Canva reflects cultural values is through a feature called “Translate,” which is an AI online translator tool. This feature allows you to translate your entire design into a different language. There are 100 different languages to choose from, allowing users to connect with audiences all over the world. This feature focuses on diversity and inclusion for all.

Lastly, Canva reflects cultural values through their strive to produce accessibility and continuous learning. Canva has many different features and it could be very difficult to remember how each of them function. With that being said, Canva offers many ways to learn about these features and makes these directions very accessible to the users. They also offer customer assistance, where you can get help from a Canva employee. With these helpful options, it makes Canva a platform that is accessible for everyone.    

How will Canva afford your actions when you’re using it for your project?

A feature on Canva that will help afford my actions throughout this process is the easy sharing options. With the click of a button, I can email, text, or post what I have created. This will be useful for my project because I would like to share what I am working on with some classmates and my professor, so I can get advice on what needs work. 

Another feature on Canva that will afford my actions is the brand tool kit, which will allow me to store my logos, colors, and fonts all in one place. Having all of these features accessible in one place will make it easy for me to stay organized and have brand consistency throughout. 

Lastly, Canva Pro offers a variety of templates, which will afford my actions throughout the planning process. I can create a 20-30 page brand book, and keep it all in one place. This will be extremely convenient and will save time and energy because otherwise I would have to save each page as its own document, and put all of the pages together in the end. This will help me stay consistent with my designs because I can look at them all side-by-side throughout the whole process, seeing how they look all together.    


One way that Canva can constrain my actions is by alignment concerns. Previously when I have used Canva, it is difficult to align text. Most times it turns out looking uneven or off center. This is a possible constraint that will hold me back from achieving a professional, sleek look. 

Another constraint when using Canva is that the free version is limited, resulting in the need for purchasing the Pro version. The free version restricts you by only having access to a limited brand kit, which only allows you to save your colors. The paid version includes a more extensive kit, including font sizes and styles. 

Lastly, a part of the technology that will constrain my actions is the inability to download the “raw” file to your computer. This will constrain me because it will be difficult to show my progress through the project. The only way that I can keep tabs on my progress is by screenshotting my work. Although it can be solved by taking a screenshot, it is an inconvenience.