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Gianna Furfari Consideration Post 3

Points of Exclusion Inherent in Primary Deliverables My primary deliverable is a brand book. One exclusion inherent in my primary deliverable is for those who can not see images very well. I will be including pictures throughout my brand book… Continue Reading →

John Coppa Consideration Post 2

Intention My goal for my podcast is to be informative and entertaining to young people who are looking for general advice when it comes making important purchasing decisions such as real estate or cars. I want my podcast to be… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Consideration Post 2

What is the intention? Pivotal Training is a small business, so my goal is to achieve more attendees and awareness about the gym. Many people have no knowledge of this small gym in Southampton, and I would love to make… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari First Consideration Post

Throughout my work on this project, I plan to use the software Canva. Canva is a platform that allows you to create online graphic designs. For my project I will be using Canva Pro, which you subscribe to for $14.99/month…. Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Spring 2024 Capstone Proposal

Topic For this project, I will be rebranding and proposing a new business plan for Pivotal Training CrossFit. My parents have owned this CrossFit gym for 10 years, and ever since it opened, I have considered working out as one… Continue Reading →

Paige Jansen Capstone Proposal

Envie Magazine   Last semester was the first half of my Art Capstone course, where we were tasked with assembling a final art project of our choosing. Over the years, photography has been my passion and my media of choice,… Continue Reading →

Liz Held Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1 For my first project idea, I would like to record a series of audio postcards, similar to the one I created in Dr. Steven Hammer’s Digital Field Methods class. Each postcard would be at a different location, include… Continue Reading →

Juliet Gentilucci Capstone Pitches

Pitch 1: Video Content for the FJI Website The Faith Justice Insitute’s (FJI) website has no video media content. I intend on fixing that.  Past Experience: For my Digital Field Methods Class I created short Instagram videos for the social… Continue Reading →

Gianna Furfari Spring 2024 Senior Capstone Pitches

For my senior capstone project, I want to create something to help me with my future career path. Knowing that I would like to do something within marketing or sales, I would like to center my project around a topic… Continue Reading →

Caitlin Reistle – Third Consideration Post

Magazine: Excluding the visually impaired The main exclusion point of my project is the printed aspect. My magazine is entirely tangible and excludes the blind or vision-impaired community. When brainstorming my project, I wanted to create a place for my… Continue Reading →

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