Pitch #1

For my first project idea, I would like to record a series of audio postcards, similar to the one I created in Dr. Steven Hammer’s Digital Field Methods class. Each postcard would be at a different location, include background ambience specific to that location, and could possibly be accompanied by short video clips that display the visual landscape of that place. I believe this project would help me to hone my skills in audio editing, especially in regards to non-dialogue sound. Additionally, it would challenge me to grow my skill set in video production outside of film narrative, which is what my experience so far has largely been. 

I would be using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition for this project. For gear, I would be using the microphones and video cameras from the COM gear department, and I would aim to produce around 8 audio postcards, each with a duration of around 5 minutes.

The audio structure would be similar to this audio postcard example from NPR.

The videos would be shot in a similar manner to this example from YouTube.

Pitch #2

For my second project idea, I would like to create a Branding Guide/Brand Book for Integrity Financial Advisors, based in Boston, Massachusetts. This would include cohesive logos, company-approved photos, color scheme, etc.; basically anything they would put on their website or socials or use for advertising. I believe this project would help me to get concrete experience in digital marketing and graphic design, something useful for the field I want to go into post-grad. It would challenge me because I do not have extensive experience in graphics and logos. 

I would be using a combination of Canva, InDesign, Figma, and Photoshop to complete this project. I’m not sure how many pages it would be, and a lot of it would depend on what the company wants, however I would make sure it is as thorough as it should be for a project of this level.

Here are some examples from Patagonia and Sonos that illustrate the type of project I would create.

This is Integrity’s website, to give you a base idea of what they already have.

Pitch #3

For my third project idea, I would create a short film script and then, from that script, record an audio soundtrack that contains all the script’s dialogue, sound effects, and background noise/ambience. This project would allow me to strengthen my screenwriting and audio editing skills, while challenging me to write a narrative in a way that I have not before, without the aid of visuals to help carry the story and the characters. 

I would use Celtx (a screenwriting software) and Adobe Audition to complete this project. I would also use microphones from the COM gear room. I would aim for the audio project to be around 30-40 minutes.

This audio drama podcast from Spotify is a good example of what I would be trying to accomplish with this project, although I do not believe I would go down the sci-fi/thriller route.