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Liz Held Second Consideration Post

Intention & Social Impact My intention with this capstone project is to 1) create an entertaining, clear, and immersive sound experience for my listeners and 2) discuss mental health, mortality, and friendship through my main characters and their relationships to… Continue Reading →

Liz Held First Consideration Post

Adobe Audition One of the main technologies I will be using for my capstone project is the audio editing software Adobe Audition. I will be using this specific software because I have had extensive experience with it in the past,… Continue Reading →

Liz Held Capstone Proposal

Topic Is it possible to tell an emotionally compelling story with dynamic and interesting characters using only sound and very limited visuals? Given the recent success of dramatic podcasts, the answer is yes. As a communications and film major, I… Continue Reading →

Liz Held Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1 For my first project idea, I would like to record a series of audio postcards, similar to the one I created in Dr. Steven Hammer’s Digital Field Methods class. Each postcard would be at a different location, include… Continue Reading →

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