Pitch One:  Voice Driven Type booklet


I would pick and album or pick a theme and make a voice driven type booklet containing all of the songs. I would like for this booklet to contain at least 5 songs. This would include, lyrics, images, table on contents, cover and end page. A challenge I foresee is making a choice of which songs I would want to do. 


I made a booklet in my advance design class and have experience in In-Design and illustrator. 


Pitch two: Magazine (or vid) for Action Karate Mt. Airy

I love Martial Arts and work at Action Karate Mt.Airy. I was thinking of creating an advertisement video or a brand book for the school, however their brand works for them. However, the school lacks things to read about and an advertisement video. 


For this project, a few steps are required. I would be using In-Design and Photoshop to edit my photos. If I want to add graphics, illustrator would be best. The magazine focuses on the principles of karate, why karate and this place, and their workers. I may even add in black-belt testimonies. The magazine was inspired by Culture Vault by Makiah Stephens.

If I choose to go the video route, the video would probably be a min to a min and a half if I want to highlight parts of the school. It would act more as a hype video. If I choose to go the route of including testimonies/stories, like a St. Jude video that maybe 2 and a half to 4 mins. With the addition of audio, I would need mics and use audition. I enjoyed making videos for my digital Field Methods Class and my portfolio lacks in this field. 


I would say I am knowledgeable about the topic. I teach 3 and up classes and a senior black belt myself. I have used DSR cameras, audition, and photoshop for Digital Field Methods. I used Illustrator for 4 classes at Saint Joseph’s University


Pitch Three: Create a Museum Exhibition

I have found a passion for art and picked up my second major, which is Art History. The more classes and hands-on work I do, the more I like it. As a possible future career, I would like to work in a museum as a curator or graphic designer. 


I am not sure what topic I would focus on, but I am leaning towards either Japanese influence in art or women’s portrayals in history. This project would require lots of research and creativity.  I challenge what I see myself running into, is trying to make decisions, refreshing my memory on how to work the programs, and getting creative. Things involved in this project are:

  • Using ArtSteps to create a 3D model
  • Use In-design to create pamphlets and advertisements
  • Use Illustrator and Photoshop to edit and create images and advertisements

I plan to not only create a 3D space, but also focus on the marking side.


I’ve been working at Francis M. Maguire Museum since 2021 and helped create labels using In-design. This also gave me insight on what it needed to get an exhibit running. I have played with ArtSteps during one of Art History classes. I have used In-design to create a newspaper article, graphics, and booklet in Graphic Design and Advance Design. Finally, I have used illustrator to create more graphics, logos, and images.