Performing Arts at SJU Video Series

In this project, I would make a video series highlighting different performing arts groups on campus and showcasing the behind the scenes of some of their events happening throughout the semester. I am currently a part of several performing arts groups on campus and an advocate for the importance of the arts on college campuses. The series would consist of several interviews of students involved in these different organizations, as well as just footage of the practices and preparation. I want to showcase the passion and work that goes into every single performance.

I have had practice in similar style through previous Communications classes as well as film classes, and I want to use this to make something I’m passionate about.Just like in those past classes I will likely need the use of DSLR cameras from the gear room. For the interviews, I probably would want audio and lighting equipment. As far as software for post production, I am most used to Adobe products such as Premiere Pro and Audition, which is what I will be using.

Ultimately, the plan is to have 3 different videos, each one highlighting a different group on campus.  Each one would be in the 5-10 minute range, depending on what I have access to for footage. I will have several groups that I could look into such as 54th and City, the Irish Dance Club or the SJU Theater Company

People of SJU Video Project

The goal for this project is to give a platform for people to express themselves and give us a snapshot of their lives through storytelling. With this project, I would want to set up my equipment at a spot somewhere on campus and have people come up and tell their stories. I may have specific prompts such as “Tell me about a time when you felt loved.” or “Tell me about a core memory you’ll never forget.” The prompt could just be “Tell me about yourself.” or “Tell me a story.” Either way I want it to be a collection of people of different backgrounds, telling their own personal stories. I would of course ask for consent to film and share these stories.

I would use a camera, mics and audio equipment to be able to produce this project. I would be using Premiere Pro and Audition for post production. I would post these, with the subjects permission and consent, to Youtube, as well as shorter clips to an Instagram or TikTok page. The full videos would be around 10 minutes and I would want to do around 4-5 episodes, each one with a different prompt.

The inspiration for this came from a Youtuber named Thoraya, who makes videos, allowing people to be vulnerable and to share their own stories.


Small Businesses in Manayunk Podcast

In this project, I would create a podcast highlighting different small businesses in the Manayunk area. I have previous experience creating podcasts in a couple different communications classes. Last semester, I worked as a Marketing Intern for the Manayunk Development Corporation and in doing so, I not only met those that work in the organization, but also several business owners in the area

In this podcast, I would want to highlight a different business in each episode The goal would be to have owners or other leaders of a business come on the podcast, and talk about what they do as a small business owner. The biggest challenge  with this would be getting the guests on the show and finding the times to record.

I will need audio recorders and microphones rented out from the gear room in order to record and post each episode of the podcast. I would also like to have video of at least some of the episodes which would require cameras. I would be using Audition and Premier Pro for editing, and I will hopefully be able to post these episodes on Spotify, YouTube, and more. I would also create an Instagram page to promote it as well. I would like any given episode to be around 30 minutes, with at least 5 episodes released by the end of the semester.

Another Manayunk based podcast is YUNKJunk.