Pitch #1

Podcast for @Themindofbrigid

My first idea for my capstone is creating a podcast based of my instagram @theminofbrigid that i created in COM 203 with Steven Hammer. I am constantly interested in growing my account and creating content surrounding mental well being and the relatable challenges of growing up and finding yourself. I want to incorporate a podcast that will be entreating, informative, and feel good. The materials needed would be microphone, audio interface, audio recorder, and possibly a pop filter. There will be 5 -6 episodes in this podcast that are each 20-25 minutes long. Ideas I have so far are –

  1. Living with 8 Girls: How to Survive (All my Roommates)
  2. Navigating Long Distance Friendship (With my long distant best friend)
  3. The Age of Social Media: Living off the Grid (With my friend who has no social media)
  4. The Benefits of Therapy in 2024

More ideas to come…

Pitch #2

Blog for @Themindofbrigid

My second idea for my capstone is creating a blog for @themindofbrigid that can be used a portfolio for writing pieces. My website expired, but I would create a new website where I would post the blog posts surrounding topics around mental well being and relatable challenges of growing up and finding yourself. I would need to start and form a new website for this blog that attracts people who enjoy reading that content. There would be 5-8 blog posts over the semester surrounding many different topics and ideas. Being able to have the opportunity to read relatable content is important to many and having the opportunity to create a safe space is very important to me.

Pitch #3

Brand book for @Themindofbrigid

My third idea for my capstone is creating a brand book for @themindofbrigid. I think it would be extremely neat to create a brand book with logos, colors, fonts, etc. I really enjoyed creating the brand book in Web Design and this would give me the freedom to do so in hopes of building my own brand. I would utilize canva like I did for the past brand book and I would hope to have at-least 15-20 pages worth of brand ideas. I am constantly interested in way to build my own brand and I think this would be a great first step.