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Brigid Bonner Consideration Post #3

Exclusion As the inclusive tool book outlines, disability happens in the interaction of a person with society. These points of exclusion open the opportunity for designers to create a more inclusive society and new opportunities for solutions when these interactions… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner Second Consideration Post

Intention Of My Project My project intends to create an open platform and grow the conversation on Mental Health. I hope this podcast will become a place where people feel accepted, can relate, and grow. I intend to open this… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner First Consideration Post

Overview Throughout my work on this project, I plan to use an audio recorder and a cannon camera rented from the communications department. Due to the technology this project requires, I will utilize the communications department and take advantage of… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner Capstone Proposal

The Mind of Brigid Podcast Topic: For my capstone, I will be focusing on the topic of Navigating your 20’s, and Mental Well-being. This subject is very important to me and many others as the conversation of Mental Illness must… Continue Reading →

Brigid Bonner Capstone Pitches

Pitch #1 Podcast for @Themindofbrigid My first idea for my capstone is creating a podcast based of my instagram @theminofbrigid that i created in COM 203 with Steven Hammer. I am constantly interested in growing my account and creating content… Continue Reading →

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