As the inclusive tool book outlines, disability happens in the interaction of a person with society. These points of exclusion open the opportunity for designers to create a more inclusive society and new opportunities for solutions when these interactions are present.

Points of Exclusion

One point of exclusion that comes with creating my podcast is that those who are deaf or have hearing impairments may experience difficulty when it comes to engaging with my podcast on the go. The mismatch occurs when one may be on the go and cannot utilize a written transcript.

Another point of exclusion in this podcast is that those who are blind or have visual impairments may experience difficulties with the visual aspects that come along with my podcast. This mismatch occurs when there are too many colors in one setting, and it becomes difficult to identify the main focus.

Design Solutions

Transkriptor – a website that creates a transcript that plays while one can watch the video at the same time.

My main goal is for all viewers to have a positive experience with my podcast. To combat the point of exclusion regarding those who are deaf or have hearing impairments, I have provided a transcript from a website that will follow along with the video at the same time. Engaging with my podcast will allow those with hearing impairments to get the same experience. The link is posted in the description of the podcast episode.


When addressing those who are blind or have visual impairments, one way to combat this is ensuring there are easily identifiable figures in the frame, such as dark colors on a bright background when you can see the figure.  For my first episode, I wore a black outfit on a white background, making it more accessible for those to identify the figure in the background.



When it comes to distribution, my podcast will be posted on Spotify. Along with this, I post on my Instagram account

@ThemindofBrigid to post when there is a new podcast coming up, post previews, and other engaging content. For example, for the first episode, I posted an “upcoming post,” a preview, and a post the day of. This helps direct viewers from my Instagram to Spotify as they display similar content about Mental Health.