Third Consideration Post 

By. Christian McCarry


For the magazine I am creating, the first point of exclusion I could see coming about is the fact that many people will not be able to obtain a physical copy. This could be due to my inability to print my copies because of a strict budget or because I won’t be able to send these anywhere outside where I live. Therefore, I will need to consider digital distribution methods to ensure accessibility for those who cannot access a physical copy. However, digital formats also present challenges, such as compatibility issues with different devices and screen readers for visually impaired individuals. This represents a Mismatched Human Interaction as it excludes those who rely on physical copies or specific digital formats for accessibility. 

To address this Exclusion Point, I can implement a digital distribution strategy that includes making the magazine available for download on accessible platforms, such as PDFs optimized for screen readers. Additionally, I can explore online publishing platforms like Adobe Acrobat that offer accessibility features, such as text-to-speech capabilities and adjustable font sizes. These design solutions align with best practices for inclusive design, which prioritize providing multiple formats and accessibility options to accommodate diverse users. 

Furthermore, to cater to visually impaired individuals, I will include detailed descriptions of the images in the magazine. These descriptions will accompany each image, providing auditory information about the visual content for those who may not be able to see it. By incorporating these measures, I aim to enhance the accessibility of my magazine and ensure that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience, including those with visual impairments. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a braille printer which would allow me to print copies of the magazine where the text is all converted to braille, allowing for visually impaired people to enjoy a physical copy.

Going about distributing the magazine, I plan on hitting up the art club and having them post about it on their Instagram, making sure they include a link to the PDF in their bio.