Point of Exclusion

A point of exclusion in one of my deliverables can be identified through my packaging proposals. This deliverable can have the possibility of excluding people with limited dexterity. This can represent MisMatched Human Interactions because people with limited dexterity would not be able to open the packaging, thus the message would not be communicated to them. Another point of exclusion can be identified with my typography section. If the fonts I choose are difficult to read (for people whose first language isn’t English, people with difficulty seeing) or if they are difficult to see against the color scheme, then whatever I’m trying to communicate will be lost and we will not be able to community our message to as many people as possible (our intended goal).


Design Solution

One design solution that can help mediate my packing exclusion point is pop open packaging (see image below). This is an easy to open packing mechanism that can be used by people with limited dexterity because it has hinges that easily allow it to pop open when the strip is peeled. Best practices for this design include preliminary testing phases with a diverse audience and creating alternate versions of the design. In the Microsoft Inclusive Toolkit, the authors suggest that “We can try to imagine how a person with a given set of abilities would use an experience, but we can’t imagine their emotional context, what gives them joy or frustrates them” (Microsoft 28). When creating inclusive packaging designs such as this one, it is important to center the individual in the creative process. After all, in order for the design to be successful, it has to work for as many people as possible.


This packaging concept can work for a large audience ranging from people who have reduced fine motor skills, to people who have arm casts/ finger casts to people who simply get annoyed at heavy-duty packaging. Overall, it simplifies our lives and actively includes everyone instead of sending a message that the product is only for people who can open traditional packaging. This packaging design is a solution for the exclusion point because it allows the audience to access the message quicker and easier.

Best Practices: https://www.raconteur.net/design-innovation/inclusive-design-packaging


Project Reach


Through my project, I hope to reach communities similar to the one that I’m serving- which would be underrepresented communities in the Tri-State area. I won’t physically be distributing my brand book, but I plan to include it on the company website and link to it on our socials. Once our Instagram page, I plan to make a post about the brand book using the social media kits included for anyone who is interested in learning more about our brand.