Intention Of My Project

My project intends to create an open platform and grow the conversation on Mental Health. I hope this podcast will become a place where people feel accepted, can relate, and grow. I intend to open this conversation and hope that being vulnerable and discussing vulnerable topics will encourage others to open the conversation in their own life.

Impact I Hope My Podcast Will Have

I hope that my project will be more than just a space that those can relate to and understand; it will become a place where those who look forward to listening can feel welcome and accepted. I hope this will open dialogue on Mental Health in the community and encourage those listening, for example, to seek therapy or confide in someone about whatever they may be facing.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

I hope that there will be no worst-case scenarios, but to start with the bad, I believe that the worst-case scenario is that someone felt triggered and genuinely affected by one of the conversations and missed a content warning that was placed. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone, and I will do my best to ensure those content warnings are in place. The best-case scenario is that those who find my podcast enjoyable and insightful feel some benefit. To me, the best-case scenario is that at least one person feels positively affected by my podcast and is encouraged in their own life to be vulnerable or seek out help.

Personal Identities

Having dealt with my own Mental Health, I resorted to listening to self-help and wellness podcasts; my identity will influence how I approach this design. I have seen what I look for in podcasts when experiencing my own Mental Health and the kind of content that helped me, and I hope to utilize this knowledge to influence the development of my podcast. The content, stories, experiences, and advice will all be true to my own experiences and be influenced by them.

Missed Perspectives/Lived Experiences

There is the opportunity with this podcast and the time I have to have different perspectives missed from this podcast. With the amount of episodes I have, unfortunately, I can’t include all different backgrounds and mental illnesses. I will not be able to include different lived experiences from different mental illnesses or topics, but I hope those I do include impact and inspire the listeners.

Misrepresented Communities & How I Will Make My Project Inclusive

A misrepresented community in my project will be those who identify as male. My podcast is aimed at those who may identify as female, and each guest I have on my podcast identifies as female. This does not mean that those who identify as male won’t benefit from my podcast, but I don’t think many topics necessarily appeal to them. My goal is to make my project entirely inclusive, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. When talking about topics, I don’t necessarily aim towards those who are only female, for example, when I talk about the benefits of therapy. I hope those of all identities can feel an impact from my podcast, and I hope to work to display it that way.