Throughout my work on this project, I plan to use an audio recorder and a cannon camera rented from the communications department. Due to the technology this project requires, I will utilize the communications department and take advantage of the materials they offer. With this, I will be able to save money and have access to great technology that will make my podcast great. I believe it is a cannon camera and zoom recorder that the Com department offers that I will utilize.

Technology Features I Need to Master

Something that I will need to master before creating this podcast is refreshing my brain on the use and connection between the camera and the audio recorder. In Com 203, we learned about utilizing an audio recorder, microphone, and camera, either altogether or separately. In order to complete this project, I will do test runs and test videos to ensure I perfect how to utilize the equipment. I believe all cameras have similar features for audio input, therefore when it comes to it I found a video on youtube that can help refresh my brain and walk me through the needed steps.

Another feature I will need to master is the audio and camera footage alignment. I am filming this podcast; therefore, the audio needs to align with the video I am taking. Within audacity, I will also edit and work to align the audio. I looked up advice online and clapping can help show the spike in the audio to line up with the video. Before starting my project, again, I will practice taking little videos and work to ensure I have this down.

Lastly, I need to master filming a podcast video as I do not have much experience filming a video podcast in general. I will utilize the media to help master this podcast and create a film video. I will need to find a good filming area and ensure that the camera is set up with correct lighting and visual aspects and that I am in a clear frame with good lighting.

How is this Technology Social

This technology is social because it brings together a form of communication for the benefit of others. By utilizing this technology, it is creating a platform of open communication for viewers and myself. Communication is a great thing, and it has so many benefits. This technology helps me use my voice to create open communication and dialogue.

This technology also helps enhance human behavior. With this technology, viewers benefit from using it and more than just listening. The viewers are able to work to connect with themselves and open their minds to different topics. Most use of media can be unhelpful to society, and there can be many negatives. With this technology, my goal is to do good and to bring good.

This technology brings positivity and light to a world full of negativity. Using this technology for the benefit of others helps bring light to those who may be experiencing times of darkness.

How this Technology reflects Cultural Values

This technology reflects the cultural value of inclusivity and acceptance. I hope through my podcast and this technology, the viewers are able to experience a sense of these two ideas and topics. With the use of technology, I am able to use my voice for the benefit of others, spreading positivity, inclusivity, and acceptance.

This technology will also open dialogue on mental health in a world where there is so much stigma surrounding that. This technology will help create that conversation and comfort around the topic of mental health.

How this Technology affords my Actions

A feature that will help afford my actions throughout this process is the use of connecting the audio recorder to the camera. This action helps take steps away between filming and recording my podcast and creating a connection between the two.

Another feature is connecting the audio recorder to the camera, which will allow me to take action with the use of an SD card. I can easily transfer the content to my computer to edit.

Lastly, another feature that helps afford my actions throughout this process is the accessibility aspect. A lot of audio recorders are very similar, and they can be easily accessible. I can watch any video online to refresh my brain on how to use it.


One feature of this technology that can be a constraint is the greater chance for mistakes. There are so many different elements that go into using both of these technologies that there is a greater chance for a mistake to take place.

Another feature of this technology that can be a constraint is the amount of setup that goes into it. This isn’t a project that I can do on the go or work on between classes. It takes time and planning to film each of the episodes. 

The final feature of this technology that can be a constraint is the environmental aspect. There are many factors that can go into messing up the audio and make it unlistenable. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t know until I eventually played it back as well.