The Mind of Brigid Podcast


For my capstone, I will be focusing on the topic of Navigating your 20’s, and Mental Well-being. This subject is very important to me and many others as the conversation of Mental Illness must grow. There is a demand to grow the conversation on Mental Health, because it is important that those who struggle understand that is okay to not be okay, and you don’t need to have everything figured out. I also am passionate about helping those who are also lost in their 20’s and understanding we don’t need everything figured out this instant. After creating my instagram @TheMindofBrigid in COM 203, I developed a passion to grow that brand larger and through this podcast will be the next step. This is not necessarily what I want to do with my profession, but it is something I am passionate about and hoping to at-least help one person feel less alone in whatever they are going through.


My Capstone will be in the form of a podcast. I have always loved listening to podcast’s, specifically self-help podcasts. As I envision this project, viewers will be able to watch and listen to my podcast having both options on the platform Spotify. I enjoy having the option to not only listen, but also watch podcasts and I believe this can bring more entertainment to what I want to achieve. One podcast that I specifically enjoy is The Moments Podcast by one of my favorite influencers Lexi Hidalgo. What drives me to her podcast is how real and open she is. This is something that is inspiring to me, because most of social media is all fake and it is difficult to find someone who is relatable; but her podcasts are exactly that. Another podcast that I really enjoy is Hot Mess with Alix Earle. This podcast never fails to bring a smile to my face, but I use this as an example because of her style of making her podcast while having a video and listening option. I love her podcasts because she is always in bed filming and it is comforting and entertaining all in one.

Technology and Materials:

To create my podcast, the materials I will need is a microphone (possibly multiple for guests), an audio interface, mixer, and a camera. I will then use cap cut (an app which is already downloaded on my computer) to edit and produce the podcast. Hopefully I am able to produce this podcast cost-free with the help of the COM department and access to all technology needed.

Audience and Impact:

The audience for this podcast is first, those who already follow @TheMindofBrigid, but also those who are interested and passionate about Mental Health and navigating your 20’s. They will be interested in hearing relatable content and feeling a safe place. My goal is make this podcast a safe environment for those to tune into. This project matters because so many people are lost in life right now, and I want to reassure those people that it is okay to be lost; because most of us are.

Prior Experience:

In Steven Hammer’s class COM 203, we had experience using audio materials and the basic understanding of the equipment. The only example I have is an interview with my roommate, in where I used the audio equipment. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a pop filter during this interview and that was a bad idea being outside. Luckily, all my podcasts plan to be done inside. This is a good example,  because it includes film and audio. I will be challenged with this project refreshing my brain with the audio equipment, but I know I will re-catch on fast.

Educational Experience:

This podcast reflects my educational experience in the COM department, because I am utilizing a project I began in COM 203 and working to expand it. I am excited to take an idea that I have had for so long and watch it flourish. As well, I want to create a brand book and social media templates for this podcast as I plan to be posting about it also on @TheMindofBrigid instagram. We created a brand book in Web Design and I will take that knowledge with me to create one. The most important lesson I am taking from the COM department is the confidence to explore and create. I have always wanted to make a podcast for @TheMindofBrigid, and I am finally offered the opportunity to do so.


The research I believe I will conduct for this project is the best platform to edit and if it is worth re-investing in Adobe again. I also plan to look at different interview styles and the best angle and way to film a podcast. I have learned the best ways to film a podcast from this article. I hope to be able to take what I have learned also from watching podcasts and what I like/dislike and take that into consideration.


Obstacles and Resources:

A potential obstacles that could potentially happen is that the audio gets messed up somehow and a podcast is completely trash. I hope to not encounter this obstacle, but it is possible while filming a podcast. Each obstacle will be a learning lesson, but I plan to be able to overcome any audio obstacles efficiently.


Week 5: Film First Two Episodes and Edit (Both with Roommates)

Living with 8 Girls: How to Survive 

The Age of Social Media: Living off the Grid 

Week 6: Film Third Episode and Edit

Navigating Long Distance Friendship 

Week 7: Film Fourth Episode and Edit

Everyone Should Go to Therapy

Week 8: Film fifth Episode and Edit

Special Guest: Navigating Mental Health 

Week 9: Film Sixth Episode and Edit

Episode TBD