“No Fly Zone” Proposal

No Fly Zone is a podcast created by a few of my collegiate friends. They discuss all things sports related including (but not limited to) hot takes on recent events taking place within the industry, predictions on upcoming games, player statistics, and so much more. Following inspiration from other podcasts such as Barstool’s “Pardon My Take” and “One-Minute Man”, the boys discuss a wide variety of sports talk in a relaxed, fun way. Joe Jurado, the main host of the show, started this podcast roughly two years ago, using the resources provided by the school to host live every Friday at 4pm on SJU’s student-led radio show, Radio 1851. Now that he is in his second semester of senior year, he wants to continue airing this podcast post-graduation in hopes of gaining more attention and continuing with his passion. This is where I come into play.

When the show first started, their social media comprised of an instagram page that showed a lot of personality and potential. However, it was slowly forgotten about and hasn’t been utilized since it was first created. My goal for this project is to amp up their social media presence, not only by taking over their Instagram account, but by fully developing all new forms of media presences for them, including Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, and Apple/Spotify Podcasts. This will start with a brand book that I will create using Adobe Illustrator and/or InDesign. This will be followed by multiple reels of b-roll, interviews, filmed podcast clips, and photos that I will edit on platforms such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom.


Target Audience & Intention

The primary audience for the media I am hoping to develop would be the boys I am working for. I will be collaborating with them and presenting ideas that I believe will help amplify and develop their online presence and depict their brand in the way they wish for it to be perceived. My secondary audience will be their ideal target audience, which is predominantly male, ages 15-50, and of course, interested in sports across the tri-state area. I believe creating these online platforms is vital in this time and age to get them the recognition they desire, and will have a huge impact on viewership, interactions, and overall attention.


Prior Experience

My prior experience in creating brand identities in an online nature is fairly extensive. Alongside the classes I have taken where I had to create my own brand identity, as seen on my Adobe portfolio, as well as recreating and redesigning a brand identity for a small shop in New Jersey called Molly and Zoey. I have also worked on different social media pages to create their online presence, including creating the SJU TikTok page, adding to the NOTO VIP Instagram, and contributing to the SJU Panhellenic Circle of Sisterhood Instagram account.


Reflecting My Education

This project will reflect all that I have learned within the Communications Dept. here at Saint Joe’s by demonstrating the immense amount of technical and media knowledge I have gained throughout my time here. Not only will I be utilizing camera and audio equipment that I have worked with many times in the past for various projects and classes, but I will also be making use of my Adobe skills to be able to perfect the images, videos, and audio that I plan on producing and delivering. Both my real world experience and my learned knowledge will be put to good use in this project.



The research I will have to do for this project will be mainly done through other similar brands as well as a lot of social media gauging. The other social media platforms they grab inspiration from that I previously mentioned before, alongside a few other similar ones that I find will help me in guiding what type of content I should be delivering, how frequently it is delivered, and to what extent editing versus raw images, videos, and graphics are preferred. The insights I receive on their social media platforms will also be able to guide me through what type of content is desired and on what media platforms it does the most well on.



The timeline I will be working on, which I will layout on Trello, will consist mainly of a posting schedule including what type of content will be featured that day and on what platform(s). For now and until our insights can tell us further what does best and where it does best, this is an example of the initial timeline I will be working on.