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Jonathan Fritz Third Consideration Post

Inclusive design is integral to being a designer. We need to be able to reach as many people as possible. Today, with different software and technology, we have different ways of including those who have any sort of impairment, so… Continue Reading →

Jonathan Fritz Second Consideration Post

                   Impact and Intention of the Project My Intention for this project is to create video content promoting performing arts groups on Saint Joseph’s University campus. It will highlight the work done… Continue Reading →

First Consideration Post: Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud A crucial piece of technology that I will need to master will be the Adobe Creative Cloud, more specifically Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. This software is what I will be using primarily in post-production. I… Continue Reading →

Jonathan Fritz Capstone Formal Proposal

    Performing Arts at Saint Joe’s: Behind the Curtain Topic:  My senior capstone will be series of three videos, recorded and produced to promote different clubs and organizations and Saint Joseph’s University. This will be a video series focusing… Continue Reading →

Jonathan Fritz Capstone Pitches

Performing Arts at SJU Video Series In this project, I would make a video series highlighting different performing arts groups on campus and showcasing the behind the scenes of some of their events happening throughout the semester. I am currently… Continue Reading →

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