Impact and Intention of the Project

My Intention for this project is to create video content promoting performing arts groups on Saint Joseph’s University campus. It will highlight the work done for the different performances as well as the welcoming energy of the people around it. I want to encourage people who may be intimidated or anxious about joining big performing arts groups. These backstage, behind the scenes videos are meant to portray a positive and learning experience for all those involved. It can show the different roles beyond just acting up on the stage.

This is not necessarily targeted towards people who are already in performing arts. Rather I want my primary impact to be on people who are thinking about or have even never considered it. The impact should be a positive it shouldn’t show the drama. It should show the benefits and the diverse group of people who are involved in these groups. It can go beyond just the Saint Joe’s campus as well. While the project is specifically highlighting specific groups at SJU, that does not mean that the impact will be limited to those groups. I want to go beyond that, even for people outside of college.

Best and Worst Case Scenarios

My best case scenario would be that I would be able to reach my intended audience and that people are more willing and open to joining different performing arts groups. It will lead to a more diverse crowd within these groups because people who may not have seen representation in other pieces of media. If I’m able to reach those perspective people who may interested, I would consider it a best case scenario.

The worst case would be that it discourage others from joining a performing arts group. It would mean that people wouldn’t feel comfortable being around them. It could be because of a lack of diversity that’s portrayed in the video or that people involved seem too intense. Either way, there would be an avoidance of the performing arts from people who may have actually enjoyed it, had there been a better representation.


Due to the demographics of the community I’m focusing on, Stage Flight Student Theater, there is a general lack of diversity in ethnicity and life experience. In general, people have primarily come from similar backgrounds of being in theater or some other group in high school. To solve this and avoid getting prospective from one type of person, I can look to interview people who either are in the group and have a different background or someone on the outside. Getting this view would provide some insight into what prevents someone from joining a club such as Stage Flight or what got them to take that step and join the club. We could also highlight the certain benefits it provides to marginalized communities such as giving them a voice and covering new topics in theater that many people don’t cover in other spaces.