Adobe Creative Cloud

A crucial piece of technology that I will need to master will be the Adobe Creative Cloud, more specifically Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. This software is what I will be using primarily in post-production. I will have acquired the footage and audio tracks, and will need to use the software to sift through the footage and edit the original footage to match what I envision the final product to be.

Features to Master

One feature of the Cloud is using the effects in Premiere Pro and Audition. Premiere Pro has a variety of tools and effects that allows for more professional video editing. These include the addition of transitions, ways to cover and fix video footage that may have not been caught while in production, through effects like Blur and Sharpen, as well as color balance. Though I will be using Adobe Audition to edit the audio separately, it also provides specific features for audio as well. A new feature that’s been added fairly recently is the use of AI in the software. I have not had too much experience with these features and I am interested to see how they will change and help my process.


The Adobe Creative Cloud, no matter where you go, is an industry standard. If you want to get into anything in terms of editing audio and video. Premiere Pro and Audition are musts. It’s unacceptable to not use the up-to-date features that are being applied to the software. It leads its industry, even outside of video and audio editing, with programs like Acrobat, Stock and Firefly. For example, they jumped on the AI train and was able to use to enhance their feature and make it easier on consumers. It has changed the art of editing by incorporating new technology and using it to their advantage. It is one of the reasons they have remained on the top as far as editing software and people continue to consider it the standard

Cultural Values

These new features show the value of wanting to appear as professional as possible, even for amateurs. Premiere and Audition set the standard and if you aren’t up to speed, you look less professional and therefore less employable. I want to be able to add a project like my capstone to a professional portfolio, and to make it look most professional it will have to be through Adobe.

The new AI features also shows how we as a society want to be efficient as possible while keeping the same level of professionalism. The whole point of using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in editing is to save time and get rid of the tediousness of making cuts in your footage and other things. If used effectively, AI is a tool that will make editing more accessible and fast paced while keeping the same, or even better, quality.

Affordances and Constraints-

With the Adobe Creative Cloud, I am afforded quite a bit. With the program as a whole, I am able to save and keep my projects in one place. Within the different programs, I am afforded professional quality effects and editing software that will allow me to create my final project. I am also able to access new technology that will allow me to create in a timely-manner.

The constraints are that I will need to be around a computer that will be able to run the Cloud. My personal laptop does not have the ability to run the programs used in the Cloud. I will need to either use the computer I have at home or go to the SJU Library. It also does not teach you every single individual feature. I will need to use an outside source, whether that be online or through another person.