The most important technology I am using is Audacity for my required materials and technologies. Audacity is an audio editing and recording application that is free to download. Audacity has several different updates so the one I will be using is Audacity 3.4.2 which is the latest update of Audacity. I am using Audacity because it is easier to use than others I have tried for other Communication classes and I have experience working with Audacity since the first podcast I ever had to record.

What I need to Master:

Some features of Audacity I would need to master are the audio setup,  editing the tracks, and importing and exporting the outside files included in my podcast.

I intend to master them all in the next two weeks which would require a lot of audio testing but the good thing about Audacity is that I can master them all quickly using my experience with Audacity.

I learned how to do a lot of this stuff from the music protest class except for the interview part. Unfortunately I have forgotten how to do a lot of it so i am going to have to do a lot of research on how to import my files. Editing should be easy and so should the audio setup.

I have my Thursdays and weekends completely free though so I am setting aside time to master those crafts.  The thing that will be the most challenging will be importing outside media files into Audacity in which I will watch a YouTube video to achieve that specific task.


The Social Aspect:

This technology is social because

1. It has two separate tracks for it to be conversational: I can easily interview my guests and import and edit easily this way.

2. It is considered open source so anyone can access it: Audacity is easily accessible to anyone when necessary.

3. As I said before Audacity is free for anyone that would need it to work collaboratively with me although I cannot think of why they would need to. I think having the second track enhances a better way to interview people and gives them a forum to be more open by having their own track dedicated to them.

Cultural values:

Audacity reflects cultural values by making it easily accessible to anyone around the world as long as they have a computer of some sort. Since it is free to download it reflects the value that no matter what your background is you can use audacity.


  1. Easy to navigate: Audacity has a very straightforward layout that is easy to understand.
  2. Audio Setup: It will be easy to connect my microphone because if the audio setup feature being clearly marked.
  3. Collaborative Aspect: Having two tracks helps people record better vocals and import more media files without making whatever their recording sound choppy.


Unfortunately audacity does not provide any transcripts so I am going to have to find an affordable way to create transcripts.

Another constraint is previewing my audio. It is difficult to preview tracks in audacity because it is never in real  time.

The final Constraint is that the multi tracks are limited. While there are multi tracks as i stated above it can only handle a limited number of tracks which can create issues with the files I need to import.

Audacity’s main issue is that it is limited but Audacity’s pros outweigh its cons.