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Keira Flaherty Third Consideration Post

Points of Exclusion My main deliverable for my project is my podcast. Podcasts in some cases are audio only which excludes a whole group of people: deaf people. Deaf people obviously are at a disadvantage when there is no video… Continue Reading →

Keira Flaherty Cosideration Post 2

  Intention & Impact My intention for this podcast is to be informative about the negative effects that fame has on celebrities. I intend to make the audience think about things they would not normally think about and make these… Continue Reading →

Keira Flaherty First Consideration Post

The most important technology I am using is Audacity for my required materials and technologies. Audacity is an audio editing and recording application that is free to download. Audacity has several different updates so the one I will be using… Continue Reading →

Keira Flaherty Capstone Proposal: Dark Side of the Glamorous

Topic:I intend to record a podcast investigating the negative impacts that fame has on artists in the music industry. There are a lot of negative effects that celebrities have faced for example substance abuse or anxiety, and we have unfortunately… Continue Reading →

Keira Flaherty Capstone Pitches

Pitch 1 The Dark Side I intend to do a podcast series focusing on the dark side of artists in the music industry‚Äôs lives. This series will be comprised of 6 distinct podcast episodes with a particularly dark side theme… Continue Reading →

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