Points of Exclusion

My main deliverable for my project is my podcast. Podcasts in some cases are audio only which excludes a whole group of people: deaf people. Deaf people obviously are at a disadvantage when there is no video component to a podcast as they can not listen to it because they would have no idea what could possibly be going on.

My Solution

The solution to this issue is that I will be providing transcripts of all of my podcast episodes. This way deaf people will not be included in case they are interested in my podcast. They can read along to the podcast by reading the transcripts and not lose any information in the process. I ended up subscribing to a transcript generator for another class that works really well that I can use for this class. This helps for other people who do not have hearing loss to. This is a temporary problem for some people who might not be able to listen to it in public because they do not have headphones or they might miss certain things that were said.  This is also the solution for those people too. They can just read the transcript to be able to take in everything.

Second deliverable point of exclusion

Although the transcript is a solution it is also the second point of exclusion that affects the same group of people are the audio media clips that I will include. I am not sure how the generator I am using handles media clips but there is a high chance that there is no indication of a media clip. This would cause the people that are reading it a lot of confusion.

Second Design Solution

I will be editing my transcript very carefully if it is a generated one. I might copy and paste it onto my google doc and add things in as I go. I might have to do that as there will be buzz words and I will have to take them out of the podcast transcript. In that case I will add anything I need to that will make it clear that it was a media clip including song lyrics. i will also say the source when referencing the media clip. I will provide my deaf audience with anything they need so that they do not feel confused.

Other possible Solutions to be inclusive

I do not have a project that really affects more than one group of people. It is pretty aceesible since it is audio only. The only visual is my logo and I do not think that is a point of exclusion because it fairly simple and it is not something crucial to the project. It does not have to be seen to get something about the podcast. It being seen or not being seen will not affect the podcast so I do not see it as a point of exclusion.


I am going to be using my social media pages to promote my podcast. i will also be asking my followers if they could spread the word to their friends and their following. I do not have a very big following so if I do not get my followers to spread the word then it will not get a lot of listeners. The best way is to enlsit the help of my friends that have already agreed to help me spread the word about it once I start uploading. I hope to reach fans of the music industry like me and provide them with entertainment, even though it is a sensitive topic it is still meant to entertain people. I am not sure how it will reach them but I have a few cousins who have friends that like that sort of thing so I may ask them to tell those friends in particular as they are the ideal audience.