Intention & Impact

My intention for this podcast is to be informative about the negative effects that fame has on celebrities. I intend to make the audience think about things they would not normally think about and make these celebrities seem a bit more like the average person rather than an idol. The impact I am hoping it will have is for people to recognize how negative fame can be and they stop glamorizing it as the effects are disastrous. I feel like drawing light on these negative effects might be able to help communities understand and relate to these artists a little better on a personal level as so many communities go through a lot of the same effects that I am discussing.

Best-Case and Worst-Case Scenario

The best-case scenario for my project is to get 4 people to interview in a related field. I will have completed 6 podcast episodes and they are ready to go by the due date as everything was able to go smoothly. The worst-case scenario would be all my guests have become unavailable so I no longer have an expert’s insights. The podcast episodes do not get done and I am not able to meet the 6-episode limit. I have no logo and am unable to provide a transcript.


I am someone who does not suffer from any of the things discussed in my podcasts. I do not pretend to be. I do think some people might question my credibility.  I do think talking to women and exclusively women may influence how people view the issues talked about in the podcast. I am a very lighthearted funny person so it is going to be hard for me to make jokes but hopefully the seriousness of the subject matter can influence me to be more serious.

What might be Missing?

There is the issue of diversity as the only guests I have are white women. I do not know any men in that field and I do not know a person of color in that field. I will try to diversify my guests because Diversity and inclusion is something that I am missing. Diversity in this subject matter is important though so I will fix that issue.

How Will I Fix It

I plan on reaching out to the two people who have signed on to do the podcast if they know anyone in their field who is a person of color or a man in their field to diversify. I also plan on reaching out to my mom’s friends who are people of color to see if maybe they know someone, possibly a family member, in that field who would be willing to help. My resources are limited on that but hopefully someone will know somebody that could help.