My goal for my podcast is to be informative and entertaining to young people who are looking for general advice when it comes making important purchasing decisions such as real estate or cars. I want my podcast to be entertaining in order to break the ice on these issues as I believe that many people view them as daunting or overwhelming.



I hope my podcast allows people to have more confidence when it comes to making these important decisions. I want younger people to have more confidence in their ability to make these decisions as I feel a lot of people in my generation are clueless when it comes to real estate, car purchasing, etc. Many people in my generation have the belief that they will never be able to own a home or are afraid of living beyond their means in order to keep up with society. Hopefully the impact of the podcast will be such that allows people to overcome these fears.


Best and Worst Case Scenarios

The best case scenario would be that young people learn new information that they have not had exposure to. I want people to be excited about these prospects in life, rather than be afraid of them. Because an aspect of my podcast is to be entertaining, I want people to understand the humor the podcast and for it illustrate that life is not always something to be afraid of, but something that you are meant to enjoy.

My worst case scenario would be that I give bad information and people use that information to make poor decisions. I also would not want for the humor of the podcast to be off putting so that people disengage from the topic entirely. I do not want to add to the plethora of horrible financial advice that exists on the internet. A lot of financial advice on the internet is unrealistic and encouraging of destructive behaviors, and I do not want to add to that.


Identity and Influence

I am a man and I tend to be very lighthearted and unserious. I think that my tendency to joke around may lend to people not taking what I present too seriously, but that is always sort of the point. With my focus being financial advice, which I believe to a be sphere dominated by men, I hope that my lighthearted approach can be more appealing to a broader audience who may be off put by aggressive and domineering financial advice. But I am an ambitious individual so that may influence how I present my information and my design.


Perspective and Experiences Missing

I am very passionate about the topics that I will be discussing, so I think the main perspective that I will be missing is those who are more apathetic to the material I discuss. I think that my passion for the topics may cause me to dive into details that others may just not find interesting because they are at a depth that is below what a more apathetic person may care about. It is also important to make note of the fact that it is a truth that there are entire demographics who do not have access to purchasing a home or car because they do not have the requisite credit or necessary documentation.



I want to appeal to those that do not have the same passion that I do, so I think I must maintain a level of generalness to my project. I will also explore alternatives to the main features of my podcast so that those who will not be able to access them can still derive value from my podcast.